About David Anderson

David is semi-retired after a 45-year career in educational measurement. His life-long interest in graphic design has led him to focus on contrasts, shapes, movement, edges, harmony, patterns, and the juxtaposition of the obvious and the unfamiliar. David strives to illustrate these within the context of the transient nature of the physical world. His work has been included in various curated gallery exhibitions and private collections in the Princeton NJ area where he lives with his wife and two spoiled cats. David is currently President of the Princeton Photography Club. He can be found most early mornings enjoying a cup of coffee at the Boro Bean in Hopewell, NJ.

Anderson’s photos, taken from extreme close-up shots or distorted views of ordinary scenes and objects, transcend the realm of the real world and become hyper abstract representations of color, shade and texture. No longer do these images resemble anything familiar: in this form they exist as indistinguishable designs that could have derived from absolutely anything. 


Phone: 609-658-8551

Artist Personal Website: www.hopewellphotographic.com