About Conny Jasper

Multidisciplinary creative personality Conny Jasper has spent a lifetime developing her expertise in a multitude of subjects ranging from painting, writing, marketing, consulting, teaching, and yoga instruction. She also holds both a BA and MA in psychology. Despite her ranging interests, one of her most refined crafts is the art of photography. Conny has pursued an interest in photography for almost four decades and has displayed her work in a range of local exhibitions and publications. 

A seasoned photographer of nature, Conny’s personal sensibilities stand apart from those who simply focus on capturing particular subjects such as plants or animals. When Conny steps into the natural world with a camera in her hands, she views the world in terms of abstract artistic principles, pursuing scenes that can be defined by a complex composition of visual elements. The intriguing interactions of features such as light, shadow, shape, color and texture comprise a total optical experience, the production of which is the primary purpose of Conny’s photographic pursuits.  

While Conny often delves into the domain of the digital in order to develop the details of her delightful displays, she employs computer editing to enhance the qualities that she has captured and her images rarely require more than a few subtle modifications of contrast or saturation. Conny’s keen attention to the dazzling patterns that naturally emerge from the world around us is all that it takes for these works of art to stimulate our eyes. To quote Conny herself, “nature is the original abstract artist.” 


Artists Statement

Life is an adventure and inspiration is everywhere. I have been involved in the creative arts since childhood and studied fine art in college. Using the camera to capture images has been a passion of mine for almost 40 years. I am always looking at light, shadows, shapes, colors, patterns, and textures and how these elements interact to create a particular mood or visual experience. This is what I see when I focus the camera on a subject. Yet I know that the camera sees these things a little differently, and that influences the composition. Then I use the computer to enhance what is already there and create the final result.

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