As an artist Christine Anderson unconsciously and consciously drew upon things she had done as a child and made it part of the process of making her pictures today.  Christine spent time walking sites using her imagination to create scenarios and taking pictures – like a painter making sketches.  Sometimes she outright built sets in her garage to give the pictures a sense of timelessness she was not getting outside. Christine does these things because she has always worked this way and now has the technique to make the pictures she only imagined as a young child.

Christine’s goal is to share the work with other people and to keep making pictures that would keep inviting the viewer to walk in her shoes even if it is for a few seconds.

BFA- Painting_/LIU Southampton/’82

Park Ridge, New Jersey USA



November 2013 – Hamilton Street Gallery –  Adorn (the female figure in folklore and myth)

November 2013 – SPECIAL MENTION – ROBERTO DEL CARLO PHOTOLUX CONTEST 2013 Juried by Alessia Glaviano (Senior Photo Editor Italian Vogue), Lorenza Bravetta (Magnum Agency) and Marco Finazzi (Vanity Fair). Work will be exhibited at Fotolux Festival of International Photography – Lucca, Italy.

October 2013   – a Photographic Monument –  work was projected on a urban canvas 90 feet by 90 feet. Sponsored by Vanderbilt Republic – Brooklyn, New York

March 2013  – The BIG PICTURE – Denver, CO

Sponsored by Art-Plant

September 2012 –  EXHIBIT Blue@Vogue  – Milan, Italy

FASHION WEEK 2013 sponsored by Vertu/+Vogue Italia+. Curated Alessia Glaviano _Senior Photo Editor_ Vogue Italia Magazine

 Sept. 2011– EXHIBIT *Talents Made in Italy – Milan/NYC/Tokyo

She was among twenty photographers chosen by +Vogue Italia+, to participate in their Talents Made In Italy FNO Exhibition. For the exhibition she was asked create a photo for TODS shoes which was edited by Italian Vogue then displayed in TODS’ flagship stores in Milan, New York City and Tokyo during Vogue’s Fashion Night out.

September 2011 – EXHIBIT Time Exhibition – Milan, Italy

She was chosen to participate in a exhibit titled Time Exhibition at the Palazzo Morando in Milan also sponsored by Vogue Italia


September 2013_ Feature C41 Photographic Magazine

February 2013 – Portfolio Feature LE JOURNAL DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE

December 2012 – Print issue of  VOGUE ITALIA.

November 2012–  Full Feature