About Christina MacKinnon 

Christina Sorace MacKinnon’s art is her language, her voice, her truest version of herself. She paints abstract works which analyze the dynamics of colors, mark-making, fluctuation of the process of navigating herself as a mother and as an artist in this ever-changing world.  She immerses herself into the dialog of the artistic process as she begins developing the surface and start to make decisions. She often made connections between discord and harmony. Using this method helps her to express the paradox of ways our lives unfold to. Exploring different approaches to painting contribute to broadening her artistic techniques and allows her experiment more. She often works in series which become unique visual abstract stories about a human experience through different and diverse lenses and perspectives. Christina is based in Flemington, New Jersey. When her son began school full time, she started to create abstract paintings in her home studio. Established herself as a working artist, she has been created since 2013 and developed an impressive inventory of works. 

New Brunswick Art Salon 2021 – Oil and Mixed Media: “Bonds Beyond Time”

Artist Personal Website: www.christinamackinnon.com 

Email: mackinnonchristina8@gmail.com

Artist Statement 

I paint abstract works that probe the dynamics of line, color, mark-making, and fluctuation of the process as a derivative of how I navigate my footing as a woman and a mother in our ever-changing universe. 

Reflective and present, I surrender to the dialogue of process as I begin developing a surface and make decisions. In many of my paintings, I create fields of multi-layered congestion, which are heavily saturated, integrated sections of the canvas filled with marks, lines, directional patterns, and bold, saturated color combinations. As I paint, I make connections between discord and harmony. I use this method and the interplay of acrylic, spray paint, paint pens, and other mediums as a metaphor for the paradoxical ways life unfolds. 

I find that exploring different approaches to painting widens the space for new dialogues to emerge, emulating real-life examples of what I am open to and what I refuse to see. For this reason, I work in series and consider these groupings of paintings to be unique visual abstract stories of the human experience through diverse lenses and perspectives. By informing the work with frayed notions and complexities of anxiety, misperceptions, stigmas, and patriarchal narratives, I navigate the messiness and struggle, until I reach a sense of peace and resolve within myself and the work. 


2021 Solo Exhibition, “Daze At Home”, MGalleriespna, Washington, NJ  

2020 “Era of Change”, Online Group Exhibition, Visionary Projects, New York, NY  

2020 Makers Alley, 1st Annual Artisan & CraL Exhibition, Frenchtown, NJ  

2020 “fie Conversation Continues”, fie Trenton City Museum at Ellarslie, Trenton NJ  

2020 Members Exhibition, Hunterdon Art Museum, Clinton, NJ  

2020 Solo Exhibition, “Falling Upward”, MK Apothecary, Collingswood, NJ   

2019 Members Exhibition, Hunterdon Art Museum, Clinton, NJ  

2019 “A Collection of Lines”, Brick and Mortar Gallery, Easton, PA  

2019 “Conversations”, Art Times Two – the gallery at Princeton Brain & Spine, Princeton, NJ   

2019 “THAT”, Hunterdon Art Museum, Clinton, NJ  

2018 Solo Exhibition, Whittemore CCC, (Curated by Todd Lambrix), Tewksbury, NJ   

2018 “Does It Match the Couch?”, Monmouth Museum, Monmouth, NJ  

2018 “E-Z 2 Steal”, Prallsville Mill, Stockton, NJ  

2017 “Continuations”, Raritan Valley Community College, Branchburg, NJ ] 2016, MAD Gallery, Soho, NYC 

2014, “Naked In New Hope”, Sidetracks Gallery, New Hope, PA   

2014 fie Studio, New Hope, PA 


“Jurors’ Choice” – Makers Alley