Artist Statement

Studio paintings reveal my inner world; they consist of many layers of transparent paint and spontaneous marks that transform into orbs, objects, figures or abstract shapes moving
through space. The paintings express human archetypes, rhythms and patterns of life; the seen, the unseen; and the energy that pulses throughout the universe. Sketchbook drawings explore the concrete world of solid objects, tools, nature, landscapes, cityscapes and real people. Diversity allows me to expand my graphic vocabulary and to achieve new depths of visual expression in both paintings and drawings. Two years ago I began to incorporate my love of math and science into my work. When I travel, I create polyhedra on the streets and in the woods, hoping to inspire the general public to recognize the connection between art, science, math, technology and creativity. I have become more aware of the geometry that surrounds us everywhere, including our utility covers, the portals to the veins and arteries of our cities and neighborhoods. I currently strive to tap into the strengths of my studio work and that of my sketchbook work to explore and express the creative systems that keep our civilization alive by generating, storing and transporting water, air and power.

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2014: Art, Energy & Healing – Bouras Gallery, Summit, NJ
2014: Carol Simon Cancer Center Gallery – Morristown Memorial Hospital -Morristown, NJ
2013: Guided – Exploring Energy – Connexions Gallery, Easton, PA
2011: Permanent exhibit, figurative watercolors, Bone & Joint Unit, St. Lukes Hospital, Bethlehem, PA
2011: Music as Muse – Connexions Gallery, Easton, PA
2008: Unveiled – the Anatomy of a Painting – Monsoon Gallery, Bethlehem, PA
2006: Fluidity – The Synergy of Lines – Monsoon Gallery, Bethlehem, PA
2005: The Dance – Monsoon Gallery, Bethlehem, PA
2003: Stylistic Contrasts – Windsor Gallery, Colts Neck, NJ


Glimpse- AAG Chris Carter