About Brass Rabbit

Brass Rabbit is a Trenton based fine artist and documentary photographer. Rabbit has displayed her work in a variety of galleries and museums in Philadelphia, Brooklyn and her hometown of Trenton. She has been associated with several collectives and organizations – a current member OMN7 Artist’s Collective – and is a seasoned organizer of events and programs dedicated to the arts and social change. 

Much of Rabbit’s work is devoted to the documentation of stories from individuals and groups of people living up and down the East Coast, ranging from the lives of gang leaders to professional models and more. Focusing especially on racial inequality, shifting social standards and the humanity in illicit economies, Rabbit’s work constantly questions the social and political subconscious attitudes of the American majority, attempting to find a common understanding beneath the many layers that separate our country and our people. Through her documentary photography, she aims to unveil a discourse on the social and political subconscious of America. 

Many of the pieces featured in this exhibition display a subversion or distortion of American values. Rabbit highlights the hypocrisy of our modern belief systems by juxtaposing our delusional expectations for the world against the uncomfortable and unhealthy realities underlying those ideals. Rabbit’s work makes it clear to the viewer that we cannot always trust exactly what we see. 



Phone: 609-610-3425

Email: BrassRabbitPhoto@gmail.com

Artist Personal Website: https://brassrabbitphoto.myportfolio.com