About Blaise Pena

Currently studying at Ramapo College, Blaise Pena has been in the art field throughout his college life. He is under the tutelage of Warner Wada, a New York based artist as well as a professor at Ramapo College. His family and friends, particularly his uncle, are his inspiration and motivation, as well as his supporters, for his artistic endeavors. Pena looks to capture the picturesque, mysterious, or something that people want to go and experience themselves, aiming for vibrant colors and particular lighting. 

New Brunswick Art Salon 2020 – Photography: Moments of Focus

Winter Sunset contrasts the dark silhouettes of trees against the vivid sky, a hint of orange blending into yellow and green, settling into a deep blue – a sight that can only be viewed at a certain time and place. 

Artist Personal Website: https://bpena2.myportfolio.com/

Email: bpena2@ramapo.edu

Artist Statement

My artistic process is that of capturing something picturesque, mysterious, or just something my friends want to be a part of. With editing techniques that I’ve gotten from my college and family, I try to make them vibrant as well as keep the lighting in control. If anything my friends and family are the reason for making my artwork. Especially my uncle, Michael Miller, of Visions Photographic Workshops. They value my creativity and ambition which are my defining characteristics, I value them and my community at Ramapo College deeply.

Artist Interview