About Beatrice Stenta 

Beatrice Stenta is creating her unique stories with each of her works, by the careful manipulation of the materials by the use of colors, movement and textures. Her technique is collage and mix media, she often uses citrus solvent-soaked National Geographic pages as the base of her works. It is a process of dissolving the image, to the point when we can see the blurred picture. It creates the atmosphere of a mystery and other, undefined world. Beatrice’s inspiration comes from her home’s ocean view as well as from her past memories and present events and news. She is storing those unique memories in her conscious, mind and heart and then share them with us by depicting them in her images.  She’s calling her artistic process a chaos where there is no place to take a breath. Her aim in creating is to get the viewer ‘’to get’’ her work, this is a metric of her success. Beatrice graduated with BA at Youngstown State University. 

New Brunswick Art Salon 2021 – Oil and Mixed Media: “Bonds Beyond Time”

Email: baytacsjr@comcast.net 

Artist Statement 

Once I begin to paint, it’s very difficult to take a breath. I have my altered papers scattered on the bed, or cold wax and oils on a cart on the porch ready to begin. Through the apparent chaos I am able to manipulate the materials through the use of color, movement, and textures to tell the story to the viewer. Each painting is a new story ranging from environmental, political, despair and hope. 

My work is intuitive and influenced by my surroundings as well as my mind and heart. My art is for me and when the viewer “gets my art” I have reached my goal. 


350,000 and Rising-The 2021 New Jersey Arts Annual Exhibit- Newark Museum Newark, NJ. June 17,2021   

Missing Children (Virtual) – The Regional Center for Women in Arts – West Chester, PA  

Nature and the Landscape (Virtual) – Gallery 50 – Bridgeton, NJ – Sept 2020  

Golden Hours – O’Hanlon Center for the Arts (Virtual) – two pieces selected October 2020  

Small works- Big Talent (Virtual) – Las Laguna Gallery – Laguna Beach, California – January 2021  

Botanical (Virtual) – Las Laguna Gallery – Laguna Beach, California – October 2020  

Associate Artist Witt Gallery shared Show – Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts Nov.- Dec. 2020 – Millville, NJ   

Associate Show Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts November 2019  

Trees – Miniature exhibit – second prize February 2019  

Crops- New Jersey Farms exhibit Honorable Mention 2019  

Carpe Diem Solo Exhibit – Nashville North Studios – Linwood, New Jersey 08221 –  February 28 – March 2020  

Collage Workshop – Nashville North Studios July 2019 and February 2020  

 Art Chat “History of Women in Collage” Nashville North Studios – February 2020  

 Shared Exhibit Jessie Creek Winery-New Jersey 08210 – August 2019  

Ocean City Fine Art League -Ocean City, New Jersey   

Open the Door- Doors and Windows- March 2021 – 2nd Prize   

Rumbling – Mix Media show March 2020- Honorable Mention  

Looking not Doing -Mix Media show March 2019- 2nd prize  

 Whimsical lake – Inspiration from Favorite Artist -2nd Prized  

 Abstract Landscape – Senior Art Show Cape May County Mix Media – 1st Prize 2019  

 Abstract Landscape – State Senior Art Show Mix Media – 3rd Prize 2019