About Austin McCaffrey


                My name is Austin McCaffrey and Im a photographer based in New Brunswick; I photograph not only here but in the Newark/Jersey City area as well. I graduated from Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences this past summer cum laude, with honors, and as a member of Phi Beta Kappa. I have been previously exhibited in numerous DIY art shows around New Brunswick and by the SASHP Artists’ Collective. In high school I also won a Silver Key in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards for my photograph What Tape.  

Artists Statement

             I was moved first and foremost to photograph as a means of mimicking an anxiety I experience which fixates upon images of decay with which I identify; these images being defined, in part, by societys desire to ostracize and erase them, said anxiety deconstructed and made them liminal, almost impossible to experience without an implied violation of my own coherence as a referent. To recover these abstractions from smokestacks, old factories and fallen phone lines was to revivify my own liminality and was, in part, how I found myself queer and a nihilist. My focus now is to document long, restless treks I take through the various cities in which my identity is deconstructed to the extent that it is livable… mostly through identifying with those other images who have sought personification, deification, or in the least anthropomorphism: lawn ornaments, grave markers, and advertisements. It is my task to unveil their revelation of human frailty.  


Phone: 908-884-5782

Artist Personal Website: https://www.facebook.com/theconvincingactor/

Email:  amccaffrey14@gmail.com