About Arik Gorban

Arik Gorban is a photographer and photography instructor who focuses on the creative aspects of the photographic art form. 

He has over 40 years experience in the complete photographic process, including analog photography, darkroom work, and extensive digital imaging. His digital imaging experience includes 25 years of using Photoshop and other digital imaging applications. 

He frequently judges photo contests, presents on photography, and exhibits his fine art photography. He also photographs events and conducts photography workshops with focus on the creative aspects of photography. Arik’s street photography workshops are conducted in New York City and Philadelphia. He was the curator of the Small Town in Black and White Photography exhibit at the Hamilton Street Gallery in Bound Brook, NJ and a judge for multiple juried exhibits throughout the state. 

Arik is an active speaker in camera clubs including special presentations for the Cosmopolitan Chapter of P.S.A. and the N.J. Federation of Camera Clubs Conference. 

 Arik Gorban is the recipient of numerous awards in photo contests and his work has been published in the US and internationally. 

Arik Gorban attended workshops by the renowned photographers, Monte Zucker, Joe McNally, and Dr. Yuan Li.

“New Brunswick Art Salon 2021-Photography Exhibition: “Shifted Nature”

Artist Personal Website: www.agphotoworks.com

Email:  arik.gorban@gmail.com

Artists Statement

Photography was my passion since a very young age. I was eleven years old when I started processing black and white film, learning and practicing darkroom techniques, and printing images. My exposure to various forms and styles of visual art also started at a young age. As a family, we visited art museums and galleries on a regular basis. 

As a photographer, I focus on the creative aspects of the photographic art form. For many years I was shooting slides, where the final image is created at the moment of releasing the camera’s shutter. Then, it was critical to pre-visualize and execute the final image in camera, while still in the field. As an early adopter of digital imaging technologies, I’ve revised my approach and workflow to take advantage of the new capabilities and utilize the new tools to produce images that better express my interpretation and feelings. Now, I use my time in the field to collect materials, but the final image is fully visualized and created in the digital studio. I still make the effort to get the best composition and quality image in camera, but my creative process doesn’t end when I press the shutter. My images reflect what I saw in my mind’s eye. 

Street photography, where I engage in conversations and photograph interesting people is my passion. I also enjoy more relaxing work photographing landscapes and abstracts. 

Awards and Achievements

  • Active judge of photo contests, photo critique, and exhibitor of fine art photography. 
  • Recipient of numerous awards in photo contests. 
  • Published in the US and internationally. 

Artist Interview