About Amanda Yoakum

There is little doubt among art connoisseurs that three-dimensional mediums can convey an intimate and visceral quality that art on paper or canvas cannot convey to the same degree. Wholly realizing this, Amanda Yoakum gravitates toward three-dimensional mediums in order to craft her richly textured, near animalistic sneaker artworks. With features resembling fur, feathers, and other biological materials, Yoakum’s familiarly branded sneaker art synthesizes the cutting edge pop art of Andy Warhol and his contemporaries with her very own innovative approach to art and fashion. Hidden within Yoakum’s shoes are unique stories and personalities exclusive to each piece and open to the curious mind of her viewers. To add even greater potency to her body of work, Yoakum displays her versatility by including two-dimensional pieces as well. As with her three-dimensional works, Yoakum’s portraits evoke a stunning and affecting visual potency with their vivid detail, and unrelenting use of fleshy texture. Individually, these works prove striking. As a full display, Yoakum’s a comprehensive amalgamation of her boundless creativity.  

Artists Statement

I wish to tell a colorful story with my work, which may be why I gravitate to the 3-D aspect of shoes.  My narrative can wrap around endlessly and be embodied inside and outside of the shoes; hidden details, secrets and treasures.   

Each pair of shoes is then given not only a story, but a personality. Inspired by corresponding portraits, the inner mechanisms of every face are represented in each pair.  Reconstruction of the sneakers and various materials outside of the bounds of paint go in to creating every piece. The sneakers are broken down just as the subject has been in my portraits.  The beauty of it all though is they can each stand on their own.  The portraits and the shoes are made stronger by being presented together, however are still striking as individual works; similar to humanity.

Artist Websitehttp://www.yoakustoms.com