About Allison Lewis

As a Graduate of the Academy of Arts in San Francisco, and former Stux Art Gallery employee,  Allison Lewis demonstrates high levels of expressionism in her art influenced by her incredible life experiences. She has also worked in a thrift shop called Housing Works, which raises money for the AIDS foundation. Being a philanthropic individual, Lewis has crafted art in New Brunswick for those who are homeless, as well as for those who are mentally ill. She does this out of the kindness of her heart and for the love of art.

Her art is demonstrated in many different forms, by being displayed not only to loved ones, but to therapy groups and in art classes. The expressions in her drawings have a massive variety: they can express any topic, whether it be cancer, love, or anger. Her inclusiveness of individuals is incredible…..Allison is additionally passionate about showcasing her art to handicapped individuals. Her kindheartedness puts a much heavier meaning into her paintings.




New Brunswick Art Salon 2020 – Oil and Mixed Media: Encounters

New Brunswick Art Salon 2020 – All Media: Configured Personas

Artist Statement

In terms of why I draw and paint it is because I find it with the ability to express anything.  You can express anger, family, other art, love of society, or even cancer.   Why I stay in the town I stay in is so I can help the major populations in town express their pain but also their culture, sub-culture, and life with certain societal members and handicaps learn to express themselves through art.  I meet a lot of people who have interesting lives and cultures in this town. They have serious handicaps, original sins and glories, or exotic nuances in terms of how they spend their time.  I like to help them express their degrees or “ sense and sensibility”, in pain and desire, through different art motifs. 


New Brunswick Cafe 

Although Allison Lewis had many chances and preferred to express her poetry in public, she did have one show in the New Brunswick Cafe. Not only did she proudly present her art at the New Brunswick Cafe, she has also had several opportunities to share her art to others in different types of groups, such as classes, therapy groups, and with her loved ones. Her art showings at the Cafe, and to others, are very important to her because it gives her a massive opportunity to show her creative side.


Academy of Arts, San Francisco, CA

Artist Interview