About Alison Jones

Alison Jones has been an artist for a long time, ever since she could recall. She was able to achieve a year of foundation in Loughborough where she was able to experience a vast array of works. She has completed her MA at the Royal College of Art. Though she has had many hardships throughout her life, Jones is strong and art is always there for her. Using diverse mediums, she has explored many types of art such as pencil and acrylic. Her pieces are beautifully painted compositions. Jones’s work inspired by many artists like Hilma de Klint and Jasper John. She hopes that her works grow as she stays focus on it.

Artist Statement

I have been an artist ever since I can remember whether it was coloring in patterns in an Altar design book with fiber tip pens or creating a pub sign for our local pup on our garage floor!! 

Having completed a one-year foundation course in Loughborough I was exposed to every art subject possible & decided to specialize in a Decorative Surfaces degree which gives me the opportunity to paint & design commercially in Printed Textiles.  Following my MA at the Royal College of Art, I fully immersed myself in the world of design and spent the rest of my career managing creative people.  Fast forward 30 years after losing my husband one morning “totally out of the blue” and subsequently losing my job during that difficult time I started painting again. 12 months later I am drawing in pencil, painting in acrylic, coloring with watercolors & colored pencils and experimenting with oil sticks inspired by Basquiat’s raw energy, Warhol’s coke bottles, Hilma de Klimt’s color palette to Jasper Johns’s signature style at age 88yrs & Delacroix’s romantic enlightenment.  My style tends to be realistic with a focus on light & color with a slight wonkiness to each piece.  Each has a certain nostalgic mood or character at a time & place that draws you in & makes you feel content or fascinated by what is on the canvas.  As I unravel my style on watercolor paper, canvas or other surfaces I myself immerse deeper & deeper affirming that “what I focus on grows”!! 

Now is the time!! 


Email: alisonjones123@gmail.com

Website: http://alisonjonesllc.com/#/paintings