About Afreen Fatima 

Afreen Fatima’s motto is ‘’I crave so I create.’’ She experiments with different styles, colors, and patterns, always striving to create something new and innovative. Her works are the visions she sees when she closes her eyes, fueled by her enduring appetite for learning and creating, and indicative of the heart and soul she pours into her art. Her inner thoughts are imbued in each brushstroke, paintings telling their own stories as they stun viewers with compelling compositions and mesmerizing textures. The range of her artwork speaks to her passion to explore how else to use the canvas and her prowess in utilizing different techniques from piece to piece, resulting in a truly all-encompassing body of work. She received a Bachelor of Arts Honors degree from Aligarh Muslim University in Fine Arts in 2006. 

New Brunswick Art Salon 2021 – Oil and Mixed Media: “Bonds Beyond Time”  

Email: afreenfatima28@gmail.com 

Artist Statement 

My Artwork remains as a strong contender of how we share our thoughts and ideas, Just one new idea can change the entire series of work,with my work I always try to be innovative,I try not to work on the same patterns, I like experimenting different style, techniques, color patterns I create with my vision what I see when I close my eyes, I am a hungry soul ofart,my hunger towards learning and creating is continuous. Every day Iwantto create something unique and concrete. Eachoneof my works involves different type of forms, color, texturethey have everythingin it,my heart and soul. Still I find I am learning andwill be learning every day. 

Motto: I Crave so I Create