Adel Strauss received her fine art and graphic design major from Concordia University in Chicago, Illinois. Living in New Jersey, Adel Strauss has experience as a graphic designer and freelance florist. She has participated in various exhibitions in the New Jersey and Illinois area. She desires to recreate her individual, communal, and vicarious experiences through her art. To capture the various emotions and dreams, Strauss uses a combination of different mediums. She strives to honor the repurposing of materials and allow her work to speak for itself. Strauss’ work is composed of various layers of color, line, and texture to create depth and in turn symbolize the depth of understanding our experiences. A primary element to Strauss work are magazine clippings, giving the history of the magazines a new context as they are transformed. Collaging allows her to reinterpret cultural symbols from the past and add new meaning to them in her work. She also uses old canvases and frames, combining the character of the frame with her own creation. Strauss’ work can be described as clean, simple and finding a perfect balance between communicating information and visual compositions.