About Mayur Kadu 

I am Mayur Kadu, New jersey-based artist. Being born in the beautiful Konkan region of India I developed special appreciation for nature as I was growing. After completing my BFA from Sir J.J. school of art in portraiture, I perused my design education from National institute of design, Ahmedabad in Animation film design.   

As a UX designer by profession I am Artist at heart. The heavy influence of beautiful nature during my child hood pushed me towards exploring nature as a subject through Landscape paintings. I love working in oil colors as that gives me enough flexibility to iterate my approach.    

During my academic I have participated in many group exhibitions in Mumbai and won some prestigious awards nationally and internationally for my paintings and films.  

Currently I am working on a painting series called ‘Mist’ as I relate it with life. When you are going through mist it’s all foggy you never know what’s coming in front of you as the fog clears. I relate this philosophy with life we never know what’s coming in our life in near future, all we can do is to keep walking with positive spirit. All my paintings in this series are mostly black and white in color. 

Through my paintings my highest goal is to convey peace and grace to the viewer, offering a moment or pause, and a feeling of deep belonging. 

Artist Statement 

As a kid born in the beautiful, evergreen Konkan region of India Nature was the biggest influencer for me. My father had a Ganesh idol workshop who gave me lessons of colors even before I started my preschool. It’s no wonder drawing & painting were my favorite way of expression. I had all my school notebooks filled of sketches than notes.  

Though my parents expected me to study hard, however my spirit remained hungry for more. Painting provided for me both passion and purpose. Through my graduation at art school my knowledge of Human Anatomy/Osteology/ kinesiology with the science of painting. I also enjoy reading about the art history and taking various courses on different art techniques. Human behavior and psychology intrigue me and I see myself combining them in my current and future works.  

My current works relate the philosophy of life with nature. When I moved to Seattle, WA in 2018 I use to go many hikes and there I come across the ‘Mist’. As I use to walk in the misty woods suddenly all the mist use to go away and all you can see is a beautiful stretch of greenery. The first painting of this series was inspired from same such experience when I visited Snoqualmie falls in Seattle. I think life has some direct similarity with Mist. In life we don’t know what we are going to face the next movement it’s all foggy. But when the time comes, life revels it’s secretes to you. All we need to do is to keep walking with positive spirit.  

 Awards and recognitions  

Gold medal, L.S. Raheja school of art 2007 

Gladston Soloman award, Sir J.J. school of art, Mumbai 2009 

24 FPS, Best 2d animation film, Mumbai 2012 

Miff, critique award animation film, 2012 

Pisaf international film festival, Korea 2012 

Seam EDU, besr 2D film, Pune 2013 

Chitrakatha, Best film, NID, Ahmedabad, 2012