On a micro level, my backyard and woods in northern NJ reflect a greater concern for ourchanging world. I explore my home environment, which is deeply personal and at the sametime universal in the greater context of our global climate crisis. Many forces are integralto my work, particularly during this past year of pandemic whenI created the mixed mediaQuarantine Backyard Mandalas Series. I was motivated to bring joy, beauty and unity whileraising consciousness about my environment, particularly the presence of invasive plantspecies and the abundance of tree losses. Many of these plants crowd out the native oneswhich have thrived for millennia. They are better at adapting to the accelerating climatechange and can beat the native species, to the new fields, valleys and mountains. As plantsand trees are forced to adapt, they must, in effect, make some sort of order out of chaos.

Formed in my backyard and woods, these mandalas take on recognizable natural shapes inunexpected symmetry, and sometimes intentional asymmetry. I create in layers using multiplemediums working at first with urgency and alarming speed, and completing in a very slowmeditated stage. The mandala is an ancient spiritual symbol usually taking a circular form torepresent life’s eternal journey, never-ending and perfect. It is an ever-present reminder ofinterconnectedness and change. Nothing lasts forever and nothing exists on its own.


Global Connecting Art Projects

Hands That Unify: Peru & NewJersey, Britto Inspired Art Project, Academy of Our Lady of Mt Carmel, Tenafly,NJ, 2018-20
Hands That Unify: Honduras & New Jersey, Britto Inspired Art Project, Dwight-Englewood School, Englewood,NJ, 2019-20
Open Hands from Kenya, Peace +Projects with New Jersey, 2018-ongoingPeace by Piece: Connecting Northern Cheyenne & Demarest Students, Luther Lee Emerson School, Demarest, NJ,2006
The Bronx, Honduras & the UN: Art Partners for Peace, Mercy Center, South Bronx, NY, 2005
Open Hands forPeace: New Jersey, Pakistan, Israel & Ireland, Northern Valley Regional High School, Demarest,NJ, 2005Peace by Piece: Connecting Ghana & Demarest Students, Demarest Middle School, NJ, 2004

Teaching Artist / Creative Consultant

Backyard Art Workshops: Raising Environmental Awareness Through Art, Demarest, NJ, 2021-ongoing
Art& Mindfulness Workshops, Demarest Middle School, Demarest, NJ, 2021
Teaching Artist Residency, Dwight-Englewood School, Englewood, NJ, 2017-20
Teaching Artist Residency, Academy of Our Lady of Mt Carmel, Tenafly, NJ, 2016-20
Creator of Peace by Piece, Traveling Exhibitions from 2002-to present
Teaching Artist & CreativeConsultant: Mercy Center, South Bronx, NYC, 1993-ongoing
Interior Design Team Member of the new Mercy Center facility, 2002 & 2014
Cultural Arts Director, Demarest Public Schools, NJ, 1996-2007
Teaching Artist Panelist, Center for Art Education, NYC, 2003

Video / TV / Film

Art Connections from A Distance,BergenFamilyCenter( Grant,Englewood,NJ,2021
Mandala Peace Project,( Foundation Grant, Mercy Center, South Bronx, NY,2019
PBSSesame Street, Art Consultant: Lookalike Productions, 2010
‘Let It Out’, Documentary film premiered at Beijing Olympics,Interviewee: Lookalike Productions, 2008
‘Emmanuel’s Gift’, Documentary film, Creative Consultant: Lookalike Productions, 2005
WXEL Public Television,Peace by Piece and Saint Andrew’s School: South Florida Today, 2004
ABC-TV Good Morning America:10-part series on Organic Gardening, 1995

2023: NBAS Oil, Mixed Media, and Sculpture Exhibition