Received a BFA from Syracuse University, MA from Rutgers University, and MFA from Syracuse University (all in Visual Arts). 

Painter, photographer. Writes art criticism and articles on the visual arts for arts magazines. Photography teacher for over twenty-five years at New York University.

Artist’s Statement 

Light pollution from populated areas has been rising at the rate of 6% a year, according to a study by Italian and US astronomers. As our cities and towns continue to expand, the scrim of light continues its spread, blocking our view of the heavens. To those of us who are fortunate enough to see the stars unveiled in a clear rural sky the view is extraordinarily surreal. My photographs are an attempt to recreate that experience. 

I have been photographing the rural night in the Northeast for over a decade. This project grew out of a larger body of work, “Into the Night in the Middle of No Where”, a poetic tribute to the rural night. In the rural night, the boundaries between the wild and the domestic tend to blur into a potent swirl of mystery, familiarity and anticipated menace. My dreams are here as well as my nightmares.

Awards & Grants 

Margaret Cameron Photography Award, Honorable Mention 2019

Individual Artist Fellowship NJSCA Works on Paper 2016

Legacy Award, Griffin Museum of Photography 2015

Lucie Awards, Honorable Mention 2009

N.J.Council of the Arts Grant 1993

Virginia Ctr. for the Creative Arts, fellowship 1989

Virginia Ctr. for the Creative Arts,fellowship 1990

NJ Council of the Arts Grant 1985

NJ Council of the Arts Grant 1987

NYSCA CAST Grant (sculpture/mixed media project) 1976