About Jung Gun Park 

Jung Gun Park, a current professor in digital art and ceramics at Dongduk Women’s University, Park has been featured in exhibitions in Taiwan, China, Japan, and Korea. After earning a PhD at Hong-Ik University in Seoul in ceramics, Park has been selected for group and solo exhibitions throughout Asia and received awards at the Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale Competition, the Hagi Grand Prix in Contemporary Ceramic in Japan, and Taiwan Ceramic Biennale among many others. Park’s father, an architect, raised him with the value of creating. By seeing each home as a “made” object rather than something “bought,” Park was drawn to the act of making. Using transportation as a main subject, Park critiques contemporary rapid industrialization. He challenges his audience to examine how humans mediate between the inherent dangers and convenience of modern technology. 

New Brunswick Art Salon 2020 – All Media: “Configured Personas” 

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Email:  clayart7@naver.com 

Artist Statement 

A maker … 

Making things is an instinct to human beings. Whether tangible or intangible, the thing that is created influences also the maker as a part of his or her life. 

My father was an architect who physically made houses when I was young. Thus a house was more of a “made” object rather than a “bought” object. My family moved frequently from house to house and each house had made me feel the particularity of its own. I presume that due to those influences, I was naturally led to make things that I wanted to have since my childhood. 

Soon, the act of making has a bit unique meaning for me that things in our surroundings influence and make us rely on them. Being a still active maker, recently I’ve been working on sculpture based on cars, an outcome of an advanced industrialization and represents the modern times. 

I tried to express with my works that things we make makes us more human. Leaving the convenience, efficiency and danger of cars as mere images, my works are more like having a chance of looking at ourselves, for instance,  


2018 Tame Monsters (Dongduk Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea) 

2016 Contemporary Ceramic Art in Asia (National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute) 

2015 Kettle (Dojakgong Gallery, Seoul, Korea) 

2015 Ceramic Is Our Specialty (ARA Art center, Seoul, Korea) 

2014 Geyonggi Provincial Museum Special Exhibition-The tea, Healing and Joy (Geyonggi Provincial Museum, Yongin, Korea) 

2013 Tool (Namu Gallery, Seoul, Korea) 

2013 Make (BEXCO, Busan, Korea) 

2013 CROSS+OVER (Milal Museum, Seoul, Korea)2012Seoul Design Festival-One Shape Million Colors (COXE, Seoul, Korea) 

2012 Human (Koee Gallery, Seoul, Korea) 

2011 Act (HOMA, Seoul, Korea) 

2011 Ambient Green Flow The Emergence and Rise of East Asian Celadon (New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum, Yingge, Taiwan) 

2010 Park Jung Gun Exhibition (Ponetive Space, Paju, Korea) 

2010 Basara: Vessel of a Feast – East Asia exchange exhibition of Ceramics Artist (Hagi Uragami Museum, Hagi, Japan) 

2009 Gyeonggi Annual Project Contemporary Ceramic Art Ceramics-Climax (Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Korea) 

2008 Korea·China·Japan New Century Contemporary Pottery Art Exhibition(The Guangdong Shiwan Ceramics Museum, Foshan, China) 


2015 Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale  

2015 International Competition – Honorable Mention (Gyeonggi, Korea) 

2012 Taiwan Ceramic Biennale – Bronze Prize (Yingge, Taiwan) 

2011 The 9th International Ceramics Competition MINO – Silver Prize (Tajimi, Japan) 

2011 Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale 2011 International Competition – Honorable Mention (Gyeonggi, Korea) 

2007 The Hagi 2007 Grand Prix Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramics – Grand Prix (Hagi, Japan)  

2007 The 4th Modern Ceramic Arts Award of Korea 2007 – Grand Prix (Incheon Seogu Hall, Incheon, Korea) 

2006 The 7th Korea Art and Crafts Awards – The greatest award (Iksan, Korea)  

2006 The 26th Seoul Contemporary Ceramic Arts Contest – The excellence award (Seoul, Korea)