About Guillermo Viera 

My name is Guillermo Viera, I am a photographer born in Bayamon Puerto Rico. I grew up in Puerto Rico until the unexpected destruction brought by Hurricane Maria. I spent 2 months without electricity, without water and scavenging for food. So me and my family packed our entire lives and moved to New Jersey. We lived in a motel for a year and were living of scraps. But after enrolling in Middlesex County College and getting an apartment stability was re-introduced in my life. 

I have been taking photos for a few years, but I’ve always had a fondness for the visual format. I haven’t been in any exhibitions so far, but I hope Alfa Art Gallery’s photography exhibition will be my first.  

Artist’s Statement 

After hurricane Maria photography wasn’t something I could simply do, it was something I had to do. After this period of my life (in which I stopped taking photos) my photography process changed. My process was much more vibrant and observational, but after Maria I became more involved in the process. From learning how to develop film and being more experimental with my editing. But the constant characteristic of my photography is a vibrant use of colors and a minimalistic style. I strive to give a feeling of serenity in all of my photos, this feeling is displayed from my abstract work to my portraits.

Website: www.instagram.com/gvcinema

Email: guillermovieram@gmail.com