6:00 pm — 9:00 pm
Alfa Art Gallery
108 Church Street

New Brunswick, NJ 08901 United States
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Exhibition Duration: May 2nd – June 30th,  2015
Opening Reception: Friday,  May 8th, 2015 at 6:30pm




About this Exhibition

Alfa Art Gallery will be hosting its seasonal New Brunswick Art Salon Exhibition featuring local artists within the watercolor medium. The opening will be held on Friday May 8th, 2015 at 108 Church Street, New Brunswick, NJ.

Originating in Paris in the 18th century, art salons were the most anticipated annual and biannual events, celebrating the farthest advances in academia and the arts. These salons provided artists with the opportunity to exhibit their work alongside their contemporaries while received critical as well as public response. Inspired by the Parisian Salons, Alfa Art Gallery holds Salons four times a year in different artistic mediums and endeavors to showcase the talent of local artists to the New Brunswick public.

The gallery is excited to introduce new and well established watercolor and mixed media artists to show in the exhibition. Many of these works range from the beautiful simplicity of realism to the thought-provoking questions of abstraction. While a majority of the artists work in watercolor, some choose and more extensive approach and add mixed medium to their pieces including: digital imaging, collage, charcoal, and ink.

The exhibition has no admission fee and is open to the public. There will be a live musical performance and refreshments will be served.


Exhibiting Artists

Curatorial Notes by Bari Kaplan

Aida Birritteri is a watercolor artist who draws inspiration from natural settings and human figures.  She creates her works from working off of photographs, or paints her scenes directly in the open air (en plein air).  Each work expresses a celebration of life through the use of fresh and vibrant colors.

Chris Carter uses her art to express human archetypes, rhythms, patterns of life, and energy that pulses through the universe.  Each work incorporates her other two loves:  math and science.

David Glasofer has had a strong passion for photography his entire life, and he has practiced the art for the past thirty-five years.  He experiments with the various technological advances that computer imaging offers.  After he prints his images he typically enhances them by incorporating other media such as paint, pencil, or chalk.

Hanna Aviv paints a plethora of scenes that inspire her from day to day.  These can range from vast outdoor landscapes to simple objects such as fruits or vegetables.  In each work, Hana’s main goal is to provide an essence of harmony and tranquility.

Judy Koo works involve the process of translating impulsive thoughts into drawings and then through painting.  Her subjects entail trivialities that are part of her daily routines; they can be complex or as simple as eating a meal.  Each painting is chaotic, lyrical, and playful.

Karen Starrett uses art as a conduit that connects her inner and outer world.  She sees artistic expression as a means of confidence to express her voice as an individual.  Each of her paintings starts with arbitrary forms that are later transformed and given color.

Libby Ramage’s works are very abstract and avant-garde.  She incorporates new types of media such as newspaper that add a variety of texture.  Each work is created from a collage of materials that come together and create a cohesive and beautiful image

 Steven Cavallo is a watercolor artist who focuses on images of human figures.  Each painting is infused with emotion that radiates into the souls of viewers. Steven plays with light and shadow, which highlights the detailing in his paintings.

 Tania Sen draws her inspiration from mythology, pop culture, advertisements, and signage.  Her abstract works incorporate deep meanings as she explores traditional symbolism through personal interpretation for subject matter

 Victoria Kulikowski is a watercolor and botanical artist. Flowers are a constant presence in her works.  She looks for organic shapes and recurring patterns in nature when crafting her paintings

 Mark de Mos is a watercolor artist who uses painting as a means to capture realism through movement, color, lights, and centers of interest. His works communicate his inner emotions or narratives from within.

 Rudy Martin has had a passion for art since early childhood. In 2003 he was diagnosed as legally blind and he continues to paint with this condition. His key purpose of painting is to bring joy to others. Each work combines feelings and motion to create organic and geometric forms, colors, and dimensions.

Indrani Choudhury  is a self-taught artist who takes watercolor to new limits. She manipulates the texture of her paintings in such a manner that her watercolors appear as different media such as acrylics or oils. The landscapes that she paints range from her local New Jersey home to her homeland of Calcutta.

Erica Velasco is a photographic artist with an interest in painting. Her goal with her works is to create aesthetically pleasing visuals through the use of color and texture. The inspiration behind her art derives from the natural world and human body.




May 8, 2015
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm EDT
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