About Onofua Dennis Olowaseyi

Onofua Dennis Olowaseyi was born on July 24, 1993 in Agege Lagos, Nigeria. Had his first artistic educational background in the polytechnic of of Lbadan, Oyo state, where he obtained his National diploma. During the internshihp period, he developed a style that developed into impressionism and expressionism after studying some masters of colors such as Sam Ovrait, Kent Onah, and Edosa Oguigo, He then decided to further his studies in Auchi polytechnic, Auchi, Edo state where he barged his Higher national diploma in painting, 2018. After leaving school, He went for NYSC and was posted to a school where he taught Visual art to both the primary and secondary level. He is A full time studio based versatile and multidimensional, impressionist and Abstract expressionist painter, who specializes in drawing and painting respectively, He explores with Acrylics mediums and as well as other media and mixed, he uses mostly the figurative, life model study, and compositions relatively as his main centralized concept, conveying a contemporary and a modern message. He is inspired by the felt experiences, daily activities, situations and challenges, inclusively; historical events, records and documentations that are related to modernism, styles, cultures and traditions; he has participated in several exhibition, visually and live the nations, and international. He is currently having his first solo exhibition on a virtual gallery, Tonariartgallery.

Artist Statement

“A real artist is defined by his ability to visually portray the portrait of the human soul rather than the body.”

The artist is known for his focus on making use of the figure study, forms and shapes in depicting human feelings from the mind, he amplifies a mystery into a simplified messages anatomically and then solidifying a pattern and flexible ideology, with the approach of abstractive lines and juxtaposition of archaic color in expressing his thoughts, suggestion and possibly beliefs, to the society. He creates a platform in communicating human dealings and how their emotions reflect and affect their body reaction, Muse, facial expressions, mood and gestures. He also picks interest in conceptualizing African cultures and traditions in relation with modernism and post modernism, using the human faces and symbolic expressions that depict them in time and seasons. In actualizing these effects, he becomes multidimensional as he approaches each subject with divers media and mediums relatively.

New Brunswick Art Salon 2021 Fall Watercolor and Mixed Media Exhibition


Award winner for International creative Drawing exchange program, Diversity of line and space, Gallery Artoz, India, 2020.


  • Life in my city art festival ( In the midst of realities), Enugu, Nigeria 2017.
  • Artcom Expo International Association of Artists and Partnerships, Norway 2020.
  • The Dreamers Virtual Group Exhibition, Holyart Gallery, London 2021.
  • Idesign Affordable art sales edition 4 and 7, group exhibition, Nimbus gallery, Lagos, 2019,2021.
  • International Creative Drawing exchange program (Diversity of line and space) Gallery Artoz, India, 2020.
  • The Dreams Group exhibition, Vivid exclusive gallery, Lagos, 2019.
  • Art is wealth Group exhibition, Vivid exclusive gallery, Lagos, 2021.
  • Afrikanish online art exhibition, I can draw Africa, Abuja, 2021.
  • State of Repair group exhibition, ( Eat, Sleep, I can’t Breath!), Vacant Museum, 2020.
  • National Art competition under the theme of sheroes, designed by UNESCO Abuja. Spotlight Initiative, 2020.
  • Solo exhibition, (Re-visioning ‘modernism), Tonariartgallery, 2021.