Dennis Maida’s biography is a compelling narrative of resilience, artistic passion, and dedicated service. His 31-year tenure in the US Navy, encompassing both active and reserve duty, is a testament to his commitment to his country. Following his retirement from the Navy, Dennis transitioned into the field of cyber security, where he has accrued substantial experience in both defense and financial services sectors. This diverse professional background underscores his adaptability and skill across different disciplines. 

Photography entered Dennis’s life in 2008, at a time when he was grappling with undiagnosed PTSD following his tour in Iraq in 2007. It quickly grew from a pastime to a therapeutic medium, aiding him in finding tranquility and a renewed focus. Initially drawn to landscape and astrophotography, Dennis has since expanded his artistic scope to include minimalism and fine art photography. This evolution in his work mirrors his journey of self-discovery and healing through the lens of his camera. 

The transformative power of photography in Dennis’s life led to the creation of the f/22 Project, a program designed to assist veterans with PTSD in finding similar solace in photography. His approach to photography is predominantly self-taught, driven by a mix of online resources, hands-on workshops, and personal experimentation. His dedication has earned him numerous accolades, including significant awards in judged shows, a Best in Show at the Phillips’ Mill Photographic Exhibition for 2023, and the selection of his images by Nikon for social media campaigns. Dennis’s photographs have adorned the cover of The Journal NJ Magazine and have been featured in Vue Magazine. He won the New Jersey Monthly December 2019 Cover Contest and was the runner-up in 2022. His personal exhibition, “Faces of Boonton,” highlights his exceptional talent in capturing the human essence through photography. Dennis Maida’s journey through the military, cyber security, and photography is a narrative of enduring commitment, artistic exploration, and a deep-seated desire to give back to the community, particularly to those who have served. 

New Brunswick Art Salon 2024 – Photography: “The Art of Perspective”

Artist Statement:

Born and raised in New Jersey, photography for me, is not just a hobby but a fundamental part of my daily existence. It’s an integral aspect of who I am, seamlessly woven into the fabric of my everyday life. My camera is my constant companion, whether I’m out for a walk, driving, or simply sitting and observing the world around me. I find that every scene, every moment, holds the potential to tell a compelling story. This perspective shapes my approach to photography, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary narratives. My artistic drive is fueled by the beauty and stories that unfold in everyday life, finding inspiration in the seemingly mundane and capturing it through my lens. This process of discovery and storytelling is what propels my artistic journey. 

My approach to photography, while diverse in its subjects, is anchored in simplicity and an intuitive understanding of my surroundings. In astrophotography, my focus begins with the foreground, seeking elements that complement and balance the grandeur of the Milky Way or the mesmerizing patterns of star trails. For landscape photography, my goal is to encapsulate the essence of balance in life, capturing scenes that resonate with harmony and tranquility. My latest venture into combining minimalism with fine art represents a new chapter in my artistic journey. This endeavor, while seemingly straightforward, presents a refreshing challenge, akin to starting anew. It demands a shift in perspective, a reevaluation of how I view the world, and a deep dive into research and experimentation. This process, filled with challenges and discoveries, provides an unparalleled rush, a unique exhilaration that is incomparable to any other experience in my life. It’s this continuous pursuit of challenge and the joy of capturing the world through fresh eyes that keeps my passion for photography alive and thriving.