Danny Froyen is a Belgian-born violinist and photographer, whose unconventional style of photography reflects that of abstract paintings. He discovered his passion for photography at a young age when he was given his first camera, a Vöiglander.  Froyen accomplishes his goal of “raising the ordinary to the extraordinary” by capturing subjects from everyday life and portraying them from a new perspective. The colors and light of nature combine with digitally edited abstract forms to create painterly compositions that invite us to experience Froyen’s vision and full spectrum of emotions. His recent series, “Decayed to Reclaimed” emphasizes this, by aiming to combine the melancholy of music with the beauty of nature.

The experience he gained from his previous exhibitions and the digitalization of cameras made him want to take photography in a different direction. By photographing the little things of everyday life in all its forms, by capturing all the colors and light of nature, by editing his photos in abstract forms, he wants the viewer to experience his full spectrum of emotions. And, experience his work more like that of a painter rather than a photographer. 

New Brunswick Art Salon 2024 – Photography: “The Art of Perspective”

Current Series: Decayed to Reclaimed:

This current series entitled “Decayed to Reclaimed”, aims to combine the melancholy of music and the beauty of nature. Experience the spectrum of light in these photographs as though you are immersed in the waves of music. 

Artist Statement:

“Raising the ordinary to the extraordinary” is an expression that refers to the ability to present everyday or conventional things in a way that makes them more interesting, striking, or surprising. It often involves creativity and originality, where the goal is to break the viewer’s expectations and surprise them with a new approach or perspective of an object. 

Playing with light and color provides me, as an artist and photographer, the opportunity to alter the perception and meaning of everyday objects in our surroundings. It allows me to add emotion, beauty, and expression to the world around us and create new perspectives. It is a powerful tool for me to breathe new life into ordinary things. 

Competitions & Awards:

Solo Exhibitions

2015 The Broken Violin, Tauves, France 

2012 Viool en Natuur, B-Classic (Festival van Vlaanderen), Tongeren, Belgium 

2009 De Demer in Hasselt, Dag van de Aarde, Hasselt, Belgium 

2008 Natuurfotografie, Natuurpunt, Domein Kiewit, Hasselt, Belgium 

Group Exhibitions

2014 Kunst op de Hoeve, Haspengouwse Oogstfeesten, Sint-Truiden, Belgium 

2012 Christina de Wonderbare, Sint-Truiden, Belgium 


2008 Price Roularta Media Group, Belgium 


2013 Worldwide Photowalk (Scott Kelby), Sint-Truiden, Belgium 

2013 CD Cover Franco di Nitto’s Robert Schumann, Belgium 

Teaching Experience Course “Nature Photography” Landscape and Macro Photography, Natuurpunt, Belgium, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 

Workshop “Landscape Photography”, during Photography Day at Natuurpunt, Hasselt, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 

Co-operating Regular photographer for Natuurpunt, Hasselt, Belgium 

Profession Violin teacher and conductor of the string orchestra and het symphony orchestra of the Music Conservatory Hasselt, Belgium