About Cynthia Pareja Dubin

Luz de Luna Entre Ramas

Cynthia Pareja Dubin. (b.1986) is a Peruvian artist living in New Jersey. Her practice is based in painting and collage and reflects her heritage and formative years in Lima and Buenos Aires.

At the age of 18 she transferred to “Universidad de Palermo” and moved to Argentina.

During the next years, living in a city rich in inspiration, she took art history courses and painting techniques that fostered her passion for the pre- and post -war Avant-Garde, all while taking in the artistic inspiration the two cities of Buenos Aires and Lima had
to offer.

She graduated from the Universidad de Palermo in Argentina with a BA in Graphic Design where she was awarded First Prize for Editorial Design.

After graduating, she returned to Lima where she worked painting Objet d’arts and participated in the Peruvian U.N Fair.

As her next position, Pareja Dubin took a professorship of branding and graphic design with the marketing department for the Peruvian Institute of Art and Design (I.P.A.D) in 2012. She finished this opportunity by being part of a judging panel for the students’ theses.

She then moved to the Greater New York Area where she continued her artistic development at The Art Students League of New York.

Pareja Dubin’s work has been featured in several group exhibitions, including The Peruvian UN Fair (2012), Equinox, New York Art Gallery, NYC (2019), Brilliant, New York Art Gallery NYC (2019), Conceptual, New York Art Gallery, NYC (2019), 12 x 12, New York Art Gallery, NYC (2019) and Boxing Day, New York Art Gallery, NYC (2019).

In 2021 Cynthia was awarded the “Liquitex, Just Imagine Residency: Acrylic Mediums”, she was selected by a panel of artists, curators and art writers for a fully funded residency supported with a studio, professional development and materials to take place in the Manufacturers Village in East Orange starting May, 2021.

Pareja Dubin is devoted to visual concepts and colors, she is drawn to the theory of art espoused by Wassily Kandinsky, particularly to his principle of “inner necessity” in art, the foundation of forms and the harmony of colors

Artist Statement

Cynthia Pareja Dubin is an artist working in painting and collage.

Pareja Dubin has been developing the concept of her body of work; by taking emotional fragments of her life and transforming pieces of her old artworks, referencing Wassily Kandinsky and his theories of the “inner necessity”, as the principle of art, the foundation of forms and harmony of colors.

Pareja Dubin’s work emerges from a personal narrative that is part of her internal world. Recent developments reflect contemporary life and the human condition; loss, fragility and gratitude.

Working with acrylics, gouache, watercolors, pastels. photography, graphic design, digital compositions, Pareja Dubin examines their symbolic function as it relates to her interiority.

Her collages are disassembled and reassembled artworks; by tearing them apart to create something meaningful from discarded elements, she tells a story of rebirth.

New Brunswick Art Salon 2022 —Oil and Mixed Media: “Beyond the Brush: The Contemporary Imagination”


2011 Universidad de Palermo. Baccalaureate of Graphic Design. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Selected Exhibitions


  • Present – Official CANVII Prints Group Show, 4City Brewing Company. East Orange, New Jersey.
  • 4City Brewing Company Group Show. East Orange, New jersey.
  • Manufacturers Village Open Studios. East Orange, New Jersey.


  • School of Visual Arts : “Without Borders” Online International Art Competition. Exhibition conducted by the School of Visual Arts & The World University of Design, Dehli NCR, India. Sonipat, India.


  • NYA Gallery “Equinox” Exhibtion
  • NYA Gallery “Brilliant” Group Exhibition
  • NYA Gallery “Conceptual” Group Exhibition
  • NYA Gallery “12 x 12 ” Group Exhibition
  • NYA Gallery “Boxing Day ” Group Exhibition TriBeca, New York City.


  • United Nations Art Fair. Lima, Perú

Selected Press and Publication


  • “Juxtapoz Magazine” Interview with Editor-in-Chief- Evan Pricco. In part 1 o 5 series of studio visits with Liquitex Official 2021 Residency artists.


  • Selected for limited edition printing of “The Artisan” artwork for sale and featured article. Elephant Kiosk/ Elephant Magazine.
  • ARTSPIELBLOG, “Manufacturers Village Open Studios” interview and article. By Etty Yaniv.
  • “Just Imagine”, Liquitex Residency Interview by Rebecca Byrne. LiquitexOfficial.

Honors – Awards – Residencies


  • Liquitex: “Just Imagine Residency” Acrylic Mediums – Fully Funded. East Orange, New Jersey


  • Thesis grading academic judge program. “Peruvian Institute of Art and Design” (IPAD). Lima Perú.


  • First place winner of the Editorial Design contest. Universidad de Palermo. Buenos Aires Argentina.


  • Selected painter contributor for the Cafeteria Mural. San Ignacio de Loyola University. Lima Perú.

Artist Interview