About Carol Heft 

Carol Heft studied drawing and painting with Robert Brackman, N.A. in Madison Connecticut from the age 12 – 16.  She later attended the Rhode Island School of Design where she earned aB.F.A and later a Masters Degree from Hunter College in New York City.  She currentlyteaches at Muhlenberg College, in Allentown PA, and St. Josephs University in Brooklyn, New York.Carol’s work has been exhibited internationally and across the United States.  She is currently represented by the Blue Mountain Gallery in New York City. 


I consider my work “figurative” in the sense that there are always associations with the natural world. Marks and lines take on personalities and relate to each other visually, which in turn creates a sometimes dynamic, sometimes static contrast. For me, visual elements seem to have acoustic properties. I am interested in equivalences between these elements and sound, including music, which is pure form. Music too, can have lyrical or narrative content and exists in time. Visual art, is instantaneous, but can unfold over time as a thoughtful observer experiences the work. I often work on a piece over many months or years. The role of time is fluid. A piece that takes two hours may have come about after a year of research within a body of work. My work is a product of accumulated experiences with materials, what I see around me, and my under-standing of nature and the history of art. I like to move back and forth in time to find inspiration, and find the transformation of two dimensions into three, endlessly fascinating. 


Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA, Part-Time Lecturer, 1998-present 

Drawing, Painting, Drawing from Nature. Art History I and II, Modern Art History. Integrate relevant aspects of art history into studio courses. Color theory, chiaroscuro and under painting techniques, construction composition and design. 

St Joseph’s University, Brooklyn, NY, Adjunct Professor, 2011-present 

Painting, Drawing, 2Dimensional Design, Art and Communication, Introduction to Art History.  Provide students with an introduction to the nature, vocabulary, media and history of art from a cross cultural perspective. Provide a broad range of two and three dimensional learning activities. 

Northampton Community College, Adjunct Professor, Bethlehem, PA, 2002-2012 and 2020-present 

Principles of 2D Design and Color Theory, Drawing, Art and Visual Thinking, Introduction to Art History.  Provide students with an introduction to the nature, vocabulary, media and history of art from a cross cultural perspective 

Cedar Crest College, Allentown, PA, Adjunct Professor, Art and Art History, 2000-18 

Introduction to Art History: Prehistoric to Romanesque. Principles of Visual Communication, Drawing, Painting, Women Artists.   

Moravian College, Bethlehem, PA, Adjunct Professor, 2003-06 

Modern and Post-Modern art history. Provide aesthetic, cultural and historical information to enhance art appreciation and understanding of art history and contemporary art theory and criticism. Studio in a School Association, Artist/Mentor, New York, NY 1987-89,1999 -09  

Design and implement art curriculum for New York City public school teachers, develop lesson plans that integrate math, reading, social studies and science with art for children with special needs. Conduct training for after school programs. Teach and co-teach grades K-6 in New York City public schools in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx. Conduct workshops for Project Read that incorporate arts and literacy standards for public school teachers 

ArtsConnection, Teaching Artist, New York, NY 2001-2007 

Design and present in-school visual arts residency programs which connect to a range of curricular, thematic, or cultural areas for public school children in New York City. Provide professional development workshops for teachers. Portfolio class at Peter Stuyvesant High School. Mural and Art History program at Fashion Industries High School, New York City. Residencies for students with special needs throughout the public school system. 

Craft Students League, YWCA, New York, NY Teaching Artist, 2002 

Maskmaking, drawing, printmaking. Develop and present age and ability appropriate creative activities for children and adolescents in inclusive summer art program. 

Courses Taught 

Women Artists 

Black and Hispanic Artists of the 19th and 20th Centuries 

Art History Survey 

Art History I and II 

2D Design 

Principles of Design 



Drawing with Color 

Drawing from Nature 

Art as Communication 

Art and Visual Thinking 

Solo Exhibitions 

2021 Blue Mountain Gallery, Pathos, Paintings and Drawings, NYC 

2017 Blue Mountain Gallery, Figure Drawings, Carol Heft, New York, NY 

2016 Blue Mountain Gallery, New Work, Carol Heft, New York, NY 

2014 Dakota State University Gallery, Carol Heft, New Work, Madison SD 

2014 Matera, curator Pino Nicolletti, Carol Heft, Small Works, Mattera Italy. 

2013 Blue Mountain Gallery, “A Window That Shows Me the Moon”, NYC 

2012 University of South Carolina, Etherredge Art Center, Aiken, SC 

2011 LaDuca Gallery, Carol Heft, Landscape Drawings, Easton, PA 

2011 Gallery on the Green, Carol Heft, Figure Drawings, Pawling,NY 

2011 New Arts Center, Recent Work, 580 8th Avenue, NYC, NY March 1-26 

2010 Blue Mountain Gallery, Deconstruction and Synthesis, “Bits and Pieces”   

2008 Blue Mountain Gallery, “Ensemble530 W. 25th Street, NY, NY 2004 

2005 Blue Mountain Gallery, Carol Heft, New Work, 530 W. 25th Street, NY, NY 2004 Fairleigh Dickinson University, Carol Heft, Drawings, Teaneck, NJ 

2003 Blue Mountain Gallery, Carol Heft, Drawings and Paintings, New York, NY 

2002 Washington Art Assoc, , Drawings and Paintings, Washington Depot CT 

2000 Dubois Gallery, “Pushing the Line” Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA  

Blue Mountain Gallery, “Over The Line,” New York, NY 

1998 Blue Mountain Gallery, Recent Work, New York, NY 

1989 Ten Worlds Gallery, Drawings and Paintings, New York, NY 

1982 Gallery 120, “The Painted Moon,” New York, NY 

Selected Group Exhibitions 

2021 Blue Mountain Gallery, New Space, New Work, NYC 

2019 Westbeth Gallery, Benefit Exhibition for The New Sanctuary Coalition, New York, NY 

2017 Westbeth Gallery, “Thinking Big”, New York, NY 

Gross McCleaf Gallery, “Losing its Name” Philadelphia, PA 

2015   Cerulian Art Gallery, “The More the Merrier”, Philadelphia, PA 

Arte Internazionalle Exhibition Art Beyond Category, 15 Contemporary Artists 

2015   Burger Gallery, Kean University, Union, NJ LIBRARTIS  

2013   Arte Internazionalle Exhibition, curator Pino Nicolletti, Matera It 


2012 Blue Mountain Gallery, “Point of View” NYC 

Muhlenberg College Faculty Group Show, Allentown, PA 

2012 Blue Door Gallery, On Your Mark, Yonkers, NY 

2011 Art is Not Packaged Goods, Jackie Lima Studios, Easton, PA 

Northampton Community College, Faculty Exhibition, Bethlehem, PA 

2010 Blue Mountain Gallery, Gallery Artists Group Exhibition 

2007 Martin Art Gallery, Heft, Fletcher, Haas, Recent Work Allentown, PA 

2006 Blue Mountain Gallery, “ The Blue Hour,” New York, NY 

2004 Blue Mountain Gallery, “Improvisations on a Square,” New York, NY 

Moravian College Payne Gallery, “The Faculty Creates, The Faculty Collects“, Bethlehem, PA 

2003 Northampton Community College, Faculty Exhibition, Bethlehem, PA 

Blue Mountain Gallery, Works on Paper, New York, NY 

New York University Galleries, Small Works Exhibition, New York, NY 

Martin Art Gallery, The Women Artists: Past & Present. Allentown, PA 

2002 Banana Factory, Friends: Near and Far, Bethlehem, PA 

Perkins Center for the Arts, A Tribute to New York, Moorestown, NJ  

Walter Wickiser Gallery, Small Works Room, New York, NY 

Bryant Street Gallery, Works on Paper, Palo Alto, CA 

Elsa Mott Ives Gallery, “Rhythmic Renderings“, New York, NY 

2001 Elsa Mott Ives Gallery, “Dreams,”, New York, NY 

Blue Mountain Gallery, “Vertical,” New York, NY 

New Century Artists Gallery, “Artists at Work,” New York, NY 

Martin Art Gallery, “Local Color II“, Allentown, PA 

2000 Wayne Art Center, 2000 National Spring Juried Exhibition, Wayne, PA 

Blue Mountain Gallery, “New Work”, Gallery Artists, New York, NY 

1999 Northampton Community College, Group Exhibition of Teaching Artists, Bethlehem, PA 

Blue Mountain Gallery, New York, NY Memory 

1999 Creiger-Dane Gallery, Boston, MA, Severed Ear, The Poetry of 

Abstraction Curator Addison Parks 

Kirkland Art Center, Clinton, NY, Aspects of Abstraction 

1998 Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center, Ithaca, NY, “Made in New York” 

Blue Mountain Gallery, New York, NY, Windows 

1997 Mallette Art Gallery, Artists of the Blue Mountain Gallery 

Eastern Washington University Gallery “10th National Computer Art Invitational 

1996 Amador County Arts Council (ACAC), Sutter Creek, CA, A Celebration of Art III 

St. John’s University Gallery First Annual Digital Elements National  


1995 Blue Mountain Gallery, Small Works Invitational 

1994 PSA Art Showcase III, New York, NY Subjective Projections  

1992 Columbia College and Missouri Arts Council, Paper in Particular 

1991 Compagnie Moderne et Comtemporaine, Paris, Recent Trends in painting 

1989 Artists Space , Artists from the Studio in a School Association, NYC 

1988 Ten Worlds Gallery, Skywheel II, New York, NY 

Chappelle St. Jean, L’Art L.E.S., Versailles, France 

1986 Pene Dubois Gallery, Configurists, New York, NY 

1985 Gallery 120, The Painted Head, New York, NY 

1984 BACA Gallery, Women in the Arts, Brooklyn, NY 

1983 New York Studio School Gallery, Artists of the Figurative Alliance, NYC 

1976 Woods-Gerry Gallery, Senior Exhibition, Rhode Island School of Design 

Curating and Writing 

2018 – present  Staff writer and editor for High Art Fridays, online global arts publication 

2016   Curated and wrote catalog essays for group exhibition in Mostra Internazionale AS-TRATTO IV edizione, Italia USA – con omaggio a Pasquale Di Fabio – Avezzano – 08.10.2016 

2015:  Curated exhibition for Matera Italy, Pino Nicoletti, Sept. Artists included Rosemary Reynolds, Alan Montgomery, Alan Crockett, Joan Mellon, Geraldo Perez, Bill Gingles, Farrell Brickhouse, Matt Schaefer,  Donna Maria DeCreeft,  

Carol Heft, Rick Tilton,  MP Landis, Tom Climent, Nancy Prusinowski, Sharon Kaitz.   Wrote critical essays for all artists in exhibition, published in catalog, 2015 

2014: Andrew Crane: “Unknowing, and other works” 

I S B N 9 7 8 – 0 – 9 5 6 2 7 7 8 – 6 – 2 

2012:  Steven Aimone, essay for catalog “Emergence and Dissipation”  

2008:  Exhibition of collaborative work with Geraldo Perez and Nancy Prusinowski 

Selected Reviews/Publications 

Pino Nicoletti, Mattera, Italy, 2013, Brochure and essay for solo exhibition 

The Easton Irregular, article by Elizabeth Johnson November, 2011 

New York Cool http://www.newyorkcool.com/archives/2008/September/arts_Blue_Mountain.htm 

Manhattan Plaza News, feature article by Maria Ciaccia, January, 2004 

Younghee Choi Martin, Nabi Press, essay on paintings, p.26, 2004 

Magazine.Art, Tina Seligman, review of “Rhythmic Renderings, March, 2002 

The Morning Call, “Pushing the Line” by Tony Seinzant, October 29, 2000 

Exhibition Catalogue, “Over the Line,” Blue Mountain Gallery, 1997 and 2000 

ARDEAL magazine , Online Interview with Addison Parks, , 1999 


The World’s Who’s Who of Women, 1997 

RISD Views, page 38, fall 1996, and spring, 1997 

Artspeak, February 16, page 6, 1989 

New York Art Review, Third Edition, 1989 

Arts Magazine, October, page 17, 1982 


Fullbright Specialst , 2023 – 2026 

Honorable Mention, 2000 National Spring Open Juried Exhibition, Wayne Art Center 

Member, College Art Association  

Member, American Association of Museums  

Honors, Rhode Island School of Design, 1975-76  

Florence Leif Award, Outstanding Senior Painter, Rhode Island School of Design, 1976 

Selected Corporate and Public Collections 

Dakota State University, Madison, SD 

The Bond Market Association, New York, NY 

The Carpenter Group, New York, NY 

Integrated Research Services, New York, NY 

Lehigh University Art Galleries, Bethlehem, PA  

Lehigh Valley Jazz Repertory Orchestra, Bethlehem, PA 

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY 

Muhlenberg College, Martin Art Gallery, Allentown, PA 

Northampton Community College, Bethlehem, PA 

Torch Energy Advisors Incorporated, Houston, TX 

Warfield Music, New York, NY  

Selected Private Collections 

Rosaire Appel, New York, NY 

Don and Kathy Bartholomay, Albany, NY 

Christina Bellinghauson, Los Angeles, CA  

Ken and Mori Binko, Central Valley, NY 

Michael Carnavale, New York, NY 

Bruce David Cohen, Esq., Monticello, NJ 

Vivian DeGeorges, Hempstead, NY 

Matthew Dibble, Cleveland, OH 

Frank Ettenberg, Vienna Austria 

Chris Evitts, Ontario, Canada 

Chris and Laura Fagin, Seattle, WA 

Jane Culp and Louis Finkelstein, New York, NY 

Don French, Waukesha, WI  

Elmera Goldberg, NYC  

Cynthia Keyworth and Jim Weston, Tuscon, AZ and New York, NY 

Aletha Kushan, Maryland 

Rafael Laporte and Dr. Heidi Laporte, Coconut Creek, FLA 

Howard Leshaw, NYC 

Rachel McCracken, Columbia, MD 

Charles and Helga Melmed, Orlando, FL 

Lewis and Sali Neff, Philadelphia, PA 

Drs. Ralph and Jadviga daCosta Nunez, New York, NY 

William Rothwell Sapp, Georgia 

Joshua Schwarzman, Baltimore, MD 

Erica and Peter Silver, NYC 

Damien and Janet Sokol, New York, NY 

Gary Stanton, Buffalo, NY 

Altoon Sultan, Vermont 

Elizabeth Wilson, Philla, PA 

Robert Martin and Younghee Choi Martin, NYC  

Other Employment 

English Writing Tutor, Monroe College, Learning Resource Center, 2008 – present 

Rehabilitation Counselor, EPRA 225 West 34th Street, , New York, NY.  

Administered academic and vocational testing for individuals with disabilities and provided career counseling. 

Rehabilitation Counselor, AHRC (Association for the Help of Retarded Children), Department of Family and Clinical Services, 200 Park Avenue, New York, NY.  


Madison Art School, Robert Brackman, N.A. 

Hunter College, M.Ed. 

Rhode Island School of Design, B.F.A 

2023: NBAS Oil, Mixed Media, and Sculpture Exhibition