About Ann Vollum

Ann Vollum is a New Jersey fiber and mixed media artist with an international background, born in Africa, she has lived inAfrica,England,France and the USA and has travelled widely. She studied to be an architect and then worked as an art director and graphic designer in London and New York City. Ann’s artistic journey has progressed through painting, line drawing, book making, fantastical and detailed “paper cuts” to hand stitched textiles and fiber sculptures.Ann is honored to have been juried into the 2023,New Jersey Arts Annual, Noyes Museum, Stockton University; the2022,New Jersey Arts Annual, New Jersey State Museum, Trenton; the2022, 14C Art Fair Showcase, Jersey City and in 2020,The Gold Standard of Textile and Fiber Art, West beth Gallery, New York. Her work has been exhibited widely and featured in various publications. In September 2022, she was interviewed by Canvas Rebel. Ann is a member of a number of professional organizations and has served on the board of The Textile StudyGroup of New York.


My process is organic, slow, and meditative valuing craftsmanship and sustainability.I am interested in narratives: the richness found in both nature and decay; the emotional burdens we carry; the wonderment of the mundane! Most of my materials are repurposed, cloth is transformed using a layering of techniques including eco and rust dying. Pattern and repetition are constants in my work, I am interested in the way pattern transforms a surface. For my sculptural pieces whether wet felted or stitched, I am influenced by forms found in nature, whether visible to the human eye or a cellular structure seen under a microscope.For my cloth sculptures “poufs” are stitched, embellished, rust dyed and then assembled on a hardware cloth form. Felted pieces are wet felted using a variety of wools and then rust dyed to“age”the colors. Sculptures are tactile and sensorial, trinkets adorn and elevateI aim to arouse the imagination.

  • 2023 NJ ArtsAnnual: Mother Nature vs Human Nature–juried exhibit–jurors–Robert Roesch
And We’re Off, Pro Arts Jersey City & SHIM Art Network:Clifton Arts Center, Clifton, NJ–Jan. 18–Feb. 25
Portrait Show:New Providence Memorial Library, NJ–Dec. 13–Jan. 30,2023
TSGNYGallery 33,https://www.tsgny.org/gallery-33-fall-2022
Art Fair 14C Showcase:The Jersey City Armory–Nov. 11–13
Pro Arts Jersey City: Fall 2022 Member Showcase,SHIM Art Network, Artsy–Sept. 30–Jan. 5, 2023
Pro Arts Jersey City: Summer 2022 Member Showcase,SHIM Art Network, Artsy–May 27–Sept. 29
Figuration,–juried exhibit–jurors–Nicholas Rosal:Atelier Rosal, Rahway, NJ–July 23–Sept. 2
State of theArt, 2022,Leach Gallery–member’s exhibit–
Studio Montclair: Montclair, NJ–June 26–August 12
Tell Me More About Yourself,Gallery Aferro, Newark–juried–juror:Juno Zago–June25–August 5
Resilient II,Art 150 Gallery, Jersey City–juried–juror: Ivy Brown–June 3–June 25
Earth Mother,Envision Arts, virtual–juried–juror: Ginger Cochran–May 1–May 31
2022 New Jersey Arts annual: Reemergence,New Jersey State Museum–juried exhibit–jurors:
Margaret M. O’Reilly, Sarah B. Vogelman,New Jersey State Museum: Trenton, NJ–June 18, 2022–April30, 2023
ViewPoints 2022,Studio Montclair–international juried exhibit–jurorRoger C. Tucker III
Studio Montclair:Montclair, NJ–April 23–May 27Black & White to Magnificent Color, Pro Arts-curated by Alpana Mittal
Watchung Arts Center: Watchung, NJ–March 13–April 9
Transformation: Creative Alchemy,Fiber Arts Take Two Student Exhibition, Creating with Courage
Adventures in Fiber with Clarissa Callesen–an on line exhibit
Booked 14, Pierro Gallery: South Orange, NJ“Motherlode”, Emerging Artist Showcase,http://fiberartnow.net/portfolio/emerging-artist-showcase-2018/
Ann Vollum, Watchung Arts Center: Watchung, NJ (Solo Exhibition)
Text Me, Pierro Gallery: South Orange, NJ
Booked 13, Pierro Gallery: South Orange, NJ
Curious Creatures, RikerHill Art Park: Livingston, NJ, curator: Larry Dell
Open Orange, Valley Arts: Orange, NJ
Booked 12, PierroGallery: South Orange, NJ
Booked 8, Pierro Gallery: South Orange, NJ
Newark Open Doors, curator: Rupert Ravens, 77 Market Street: Newark, NJ
Preview / Post View: Artist Studio Tour, Pierro Gallery: South Orange, NJ
The British are Coming…,Stony’s: South Orange, NJ
Booked 8, Pierro Gallery: South Orange, NJ
Art at Stony’s, Stony’s: Madison, NJ
Preview / Post View: Artist Studio Tour, Pierro Gallery: South Orange, NJ
Sparkhouse Studio: South Orange, NJ
Art at Stony’s, Stony’s: South Orange, NJ
Booked 7, Pierro Gallery: South Orange, NJ
Art of the Book, Arts Lobby Showcase, JCC MetroWest: West Orange, NJ
Creep Show, Gas Gallery: Maplewood NJ
Booked 6, PierroGallery: South Orange, NJ
Booked 5, Pierro Gallery: South Orange, NJ
Home: Pages from our Lives, 1978 Gallery: Maplewood, NJ
Mother’s Work, Brooklyn Brewery: Brooklyn, NY


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Dustin’s Kaleidoscope SOMATV, YouTube : An interview:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3nGQq5O9_8South
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“Peep Show”:Ohio University, Alden Library

Works held in private collections in the United States, England, and France.

Professional Organizations

Surface Design Association

Textile Study Group of New York, New York, NY

ProArts Jersey City

Shim Art Network

Society for Embroidered Work, UK

Fiber Art Network, California


Studio Montclair, Montclair, NJ

WOAC, West Orange, NJ

The Book Arts Roundtable, South Orange, NJ

2023: NBAS Oil, Mixed Media, and Sculpture Exhibition