Jordan Ramesh is an Interactive Multimedia major at The College of New Jersey. As a Communications/Web and Social Media intern, he combined his interest in art with a fascination for technology’s part in granting added permanence to that art in order to promote Alfa’s unique brand of artistic expression with pride and professionalism.

After his promotion to Gallery Assistant in Fall 2020, Jordan undertook the responsibility of supervising all of the current interns working for Alfa Art Gallery. In this role, he sets both short-term assignments and long-term objectives for the various departments at the gallery, as well as determines exhibition dates and deadlines for 2020 and 2021–in order to ensure that Alfa Art Gallery is consistent and engaging in its ambition to improve artistic representation. In adapting to the newfound pandemic environment, Jordan has successfully hosted several virtual receptions and supervised the ideation and creation of multiple online exhibitions. He has also developed the standard for Alfa’s virtual open studios, in order to supplement audience engagement and further support our featured artists.

Ultimately, Jordan hopes to leverage this opportunity as a means of learning more about the gallery/curatorial workplace environment and of the diverse art styles that find a home here at the Alfa Art Gallery.