Through this internship, Christopher Stroud learned a lot about how small nonprofit art galleries run themselves. He was able to experience the joys of working with a team to create exhibitions that represent art in the best light possible. The most exciting part of this internship was taking the time to interview artists about their work and get to know them as people rather than just mysterious creators behind their pieces.

Christopher wanted to do this internship because it would allow him to step outside of his usual content field of history and explore the wide world of contemporary art. He was able to do that, and through this internship, he learned a lot about the artistic possess as well as developed the vocabulary to discuss it in a new way.

Christopher’s long term goal as he heads off into the workforce is to become part of either a curatorial team or education team at some museum, historic house, or historic site. This internship helped him along his journey towards that goal by showing him how vital unpaid staffing is to an organization and gave him new insights into the world of art that he will undoubtedly carry into the future.