Aniza Jahangir is a Rutgers Art History and English major, joining Alfa as a curatorial intern. She has been responsible for artist recruitment, involved in curating works that tell deep and dynamic stories, as well as leading conversations on artistic analysis and socio-political impacts of art. She has had the opportunity to work closely with the photo/video interns to assist in producing conceptually and visually appealing videos on varied exhibited artists. Her time at Alfa has allowed her to take on equally creative and intellectual roles, improve upon her writing and storyboarding, and figure out how to translate stories from the visual to the verbal, and vice versa. In the future, she hopes to attend a graduate school focused on fashion, viewing art, fashion, and history as intrinsically linked and synonymous. With this, she hopes to one day enter careers both in fashion design, and in creative/art direction for fashion and beauty houses.