Alfa Art Gallery was established in October of 2007 by Vesselin Kourtev and Galina Kourteva. As a world-class fine artist and teacher, Vesselin utilizes Alfa to fulfill his ambitious goals. Since opening the gallery, he and his wife, Galina, have constantly strived for excellence. The site of New Brunswick was an ideal location for Alfa as it exudes a rich ethnic heritage and serves as the Hub City of New Jersey. Since 2010, the Alfa has organized multiple New Brunswick Art Salon exhibitions (NBAS) throughout the year, collaborating with other organizations to mutually expand the gallery outreach. Scouting and attracting new artists through professional criticism is a major function that Alfa has fulfilled for a decade. Alfa’s goal is to unite a collective of painters, sculptors, actors, and writers from surrounding areas and beyond within a single cultural hub. Alfa became a welcoming space for students and members of the community alike to converge in a relaxing artistic atmosphere. Furthermore, Alfa is constantly trying to reach new local and international artists in order to demonstrate the importance of art and display how the study and practice of art in all of its iterations can pay dividends in community enrichment and education. Since its establishment, Alfa has hosted over 450 events, providing the New Brunswick community with more than 600 artists working in various mediums. Believing in the idea that art is a universal form of expression, Alfa believes they can bridge cultural gaps.