About Sridevi Srinivas

Sridevi Srinivas graduated from Stella Mains College in India with a masters in fine arts. She has also attended Marcels Fine Art Studio in New Jersey. Srinivas’ passion for art does not stop with fine art, she also enjoys classical India dance and is the artistic director of Sri Art Academy dance studio.

Artist Statement

I am currently working in the classical figurative realism tradition. My main interest is in human anatomy and I plan to use this knowledge to address moving figures in the future. The quick structural drawing skills I am practicing help me to capture the gestures of the dancers I study.

Training and Awards

2007-2017: Training in Realism, Renaissance Style; Marcel Arts Studio under the guidance of Marcel Franquelin

2010: First Place; East Brunswick Spring Art Competition

2017: Princeton Academy of Art; Understanding human anatomy; Drawing from cast under the guidance of Anna Neis; Drawing from live models figure drawing and portraits under the guidance of Iliya Mirochnik