Artist Statement

The ability to plan and rejoice in a pregnancy should be the right of every woman. Too few women throughout the world have any control over how many children they have.  Planned parenthood and other similar agencies must be enabled to spread the vital information a woman needs to have a safe pregnancy…when she is ready for it…

And informed about the various contraceptives available to her and her partner. Society will benefit from well educated men & women who are aware of the enormous responsibility of raising a child and face the future with thought and planning.



From an early age I wanted to be an artist.  I would watch my mother as if by magic produce animals and children with just a pencil & paper.  How cool! I realized I had the power to make my own world right at my finger tips.  I never stopped drawing, painting,creating, imagining and I continue to do so.  My first stroke on a paper or canvas dictates where the next stroke will go…and on and on.  It’s a kind of magic.

My formal training was completed in New Jersey at Rutgers University where I studied with Leon Golub and Joan Semmel who were both very supportive of my work.


About the Artist

Rita Herzfeld was born in New York City and holds a BA from Rutgers University graduating in 1980. Rita also attended the Art Student’s League, The School of Visual Arts and City College of N.Y.



2006    Metuchen Art Works
2003    Ramapo College Library
2002    The Chubb Atrium Gallery
2002    Educational Testing Service, Chauncey Conference Center
1995    Middlesex County College Gallery
1995    J.C.C.  of Middlesex County
1992    Johnson & Johnson Corporate Headquarters
1991    Maxwell’s
1980    East L.A. Gallery
1980    A.I.R. Gallery
1978    Livingston College Library



2011    N.A.W.A.  Gallery, NYC
2009    The Gallery at 6th & 6th, Tucson, AZ
2007    Gallery 31
2007    Art Alliance
2007    Perth Amboy Cultural Center Gallery
2007    S.I.C.A
2007    Metuchen Art Works
2006    Metuchen Art Works
2002    Gary Snyder Fine Arts
2002    River Run Gallery
2002    Hunterdon Museum of Art
2000    Hunterdon Museum of Art
1999    Seton Hall Law School
1993    City With Out Walls Gallery,
1991    International Gallery Pusan, Korea & Tianjin
1990    Academy of Fine Arts, Tianjin, China
1979    Montclair State College



Hunterdon Museum of Art
Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers University
Various private collections.


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