As a child and teenager, Pia de Girolamo studied painting privately with a local artist and continued with fine arts courses in college. She received her BA in Art History from Barnard College in New York City and an MD degree from the University of Rochester School of Medicine in Rochester, New York. After leaving practice Girolamo attended courses in the Continuing Education Division of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. She has participated in solo and group shows in Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding areas.

Pia de Girolamo’s works incorporate movement, marked by the charging lines and swirling colors. Her artwork varies from portraying a sense of restlessness and disquiet or elation and uplift, depending greatly on the color and lines. Girolamo typically begins with a large sweep of charcoal, black paint, or a large field of color that beckons a deeper exploration of color, texture, forms, and lines. The artist uses the visible world and the subconscious world in order to aid in the exploration that ultimately results of the canvas. Her process can be described as both intuitive and analytical, resulting in a range of physical and mental states.