Pat was fortunate to be able to translate a life-long enthusiasm for photography into a career. After spending four years as a photographer in the U.S. Navy, he honed his skills as a staff photographer with the New York Daily news for more than forty years. He has continued his interest in photography since his retirement. 

As a member of the New York Daily News, he has won numerous awards including:

  • New York Press Photographers Association
  • New Jersey Press Photographers Association
  • New York Police Department
  • New York Fire Department
  • The United States Secret Service
  • The National Press Photographers Association
  • New York Newspaper Guild Page One 
  • The Girl Scouts and Ilford Photo Corporation 

He is a member of the Raritan Photographic Society and The Saint Veronica’s Photo Club of Metuchen. 

In recent Years, Pat has focused on the artistic values of photographs in a larger way than he had in the past, and he has begun experimenting with digitally altering images on the computer. He look forward to exploring the many new techniques that future technology will bring to photography.

Patrick recently placed as an honorable mention at the New Brunswick Art Salon 2018 — Photography: “A Facility for Photogenia” awarded by Andrew Darlow.

“NYC Standing Tall Through it All” by Patrick Carroll


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