Miriam Stern has participated in one and two person exhibitions in New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia. Miriam Stern uses a blend of photography, print, oil painting, and digital manipulation to create unique works. The titles of her artwork usually reflect places that Stern has travelled to and photographed. She makes her prints by taking her photographs, transferring them onto paper, and then uses traditional printmaking processes to create completely new images. The resulting prints reflect Sterns inner emotions and experiences of the area that she visited. The oil paintings are then created after the prints. By using the prints in her oil paintings the resulting works are even further removed from the original source, the photograph, becoming more abstract. The photographs Stern utilizes were taken in Israel, the Berkshires, China, and New York City but by the end of Stern’s artistic process the locations become unrecognizable, becoming a new place with the use of the artist’s imagination.