Like many artists, Milan Hristev concerns himself with the depiction of beauty, harmony, and eternity in his photography. Through his art, Hristev seeks to encapsulate a moment in time that reflects the intricate structure of time itself. He toys with the perception of time to achieve a representation of the past as it perpetually fills the void left by the fleeting present.

When Hristev is fully immersed in creating art, he experiences an “inexpressible harmony and difference between [himself] and The Creator.”He hopes that, through visually inhabiting the abandoned spaces captured in his works, his audience is able to engage in both introspection and external perception.

Hristev’s photography often pictures ancient buildings or ruins thereof. To generate the blurring effect reminiscent of the passage of time, Hristev makes frequent use of multiple exposure. In this way, his images not only depict the building as a snapshot of a certain era, but they also encourage the contemplation of time.