Megan Verzi is a fine artist as well as art educator who specializes in mixed media painting/graphite drawings. Meg Verzi has exhibited in many shows across the country, in several galleries and museums. Verzi also teaches private art lessons near her home in central New Jersey, and produces large scale murals for public viewing. M.Verzi,mix media,artist page2

Megan Verzi’s paintings for the Fall 2013 New Brunswick Art Salon are symbolic of her experiences as a woman, particularly in dealing with Post Partum Depression.  According to her artist statement “this fear [of PPD] grew into my own personal monster and I felt it constantly lurking over my shoulder…In an effort to confront it, I decided to put the monster’s face to canvas”. Her powerful works reveal an insight to the artist’s personal struggle with depression, while also illuminating the viewer of her feelings towards motherhood and more broadly, womanhood.  Her beautiful decorative aspects in her work not only recall a womanly experience, but ties into her own cultural experience.

Solo Exhibitions

    2001  “Love and Memories” The Muchentaher Cultural Center, Fullerton, CA 

Group Exhibitions

   2007 Open Studios, Jamaica Plain, Boston 

   2002 The Whitney Young Cultural Center Mansion, SF


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