Marina Boyko attended the Kharkov Art School in the Ukraine from 1990 -1994. Boyko has since then joined the International Federation of Artists and is currently a member of the Artists Union of Russia. Her paintings can be found in private collections located in the Ukraine, Russia, Europe, and even internationally located in the United States. The art of Marina Boyko can be described as possessing various colors and forms present only within the world that she has created. The viewer is submerged in this world in which its own rules and mythology exists. Boyko’s use of color is at once alluring but also haunting when accompanying the figures and landscape. Her works seek to remind us of the familiar yet also separates us from the contrasting state of their world.


2011 – Ukraine, Kharkov, Solo Exhibition “Illusions of Memory.” Gallery “Kostyurinsky lane.”

2012 – Ukraine, Kharkov, solo exhibition, Café “Borista”

2013 – Ukraine, Kharkov, solo exhibition “UB – ART” – Gallery AС.

Eternity Marina BoykoEternity. Marina Boyko. Watercolor, 1996.