I have studied drawing and sculpting at the University of Wisconsin but my life diverged from the interest when I had to start supporting a family. My interest in art never went away and over the years I have visited many major art museums in both Europe and the United States.

After a 55 year break, I am returning to my first love-art. For the past four years I have been drawing in the past four years and painting in the last two years. My interest is in abstract figurative representations working in oil.

Artist Statement:

“Kant said that we cannot really see reality.  What we see goes through the filter of the human mind.  I like to think that my paintings are another picture of reality viewed through the skewed or jaundiced filter of my mind and in such a way as to possibly deepen the mystery of life or maybe cast light on the existence of life.”

2013:  Resumed drawing.

2014:  Began painting.

2015:  Was accepted in the following juried group exhibitions.

              Chicago, IL.   ARC Gallery.  Nov. 25 to Dec. 19, 2015  Theme: “I Can’t Breathe.”

              Boston, MA.  Nave Gallery.  Aug. 7 to  Aug. 29, 2015  Theme: “Who Might I Be?”

              New York, NY.  Site: Brooklyn.  June 6 to July 7, 2015  Theme: “FACE IT : The Face in Contemporary Art.”

2016: Washington, DC.  Hillyer Gallery  July 1 to July 31, 2016  Theme: “Skin & Bones”