Like many artists dedicated to perfecting the portrayal of realism in their crafts, Liping Wang is enthralled by nature. Her work expands on the biomes, landscapes, and sceneries that helped define her life’s scientific journey. By studying the various chemical processes that occur naturally and artificially as a biochemical engineer, Wang draws artistic inspiration from the divine order of our world, organisms, and environment. Wang applies her inspiration and aesthetic talents to the easel by illustrating texturally rich landscapes adorned with plant life, hillsides, and stoic iotas of human architecture. The destressing of synthetic constructs in Wang’s painted landscapes seems to deliberately convey a message about finding peace in the finite existence of humanity juxtaposed with the infinitesimal scope of nature which has seen years numbering in their billions. The transition from seed to plant, as well as the vast variations of plant life that can be observed, allow Wang’s paintings to serve as facilitators to her ongoing studies of the natural world. These studies help to further her understanding of color, value, and organic structure which she applies seamlessly to her art and scientific research.

About Liping Wang

Liping Wang is an artist who lives and works in Plainsboro, New Jersey. She has a PhD in Biochemical Engineering from Ohio University, and is now focusing on furthering her career as a professional artist. She has been practicing art for the past 9 years at various different locations, including The Arts Council of Princeton, Monroe Adult Education Program, and NCZ Studios. Most recently, she has been studying classical drawing and painting at the Princeton Academy of Art.


2016: Artists of Princeton, Gemma Art Foundation, Curated by Anna Neis

2014: June 2014 SAG Members Show, East Brunswick Library, Curated by Paula Feifer and Selena Palmer