Linda Le Kiniff Originally born in Paris, France in 1949, Linda Le Kiniff began her artistic ventures at the young age of 20, traveling around the world. She spent 12 years in Italy , learning from the masters in Florence and Livorno the beautiful ancient techniques of egg tempera painting and gold leaf methods. Le Kiniff continued exploring mediums from acrylic paint, lithographs, serigraphs, and watercolor. Working without a model, the artist creates sensual, elegant figures, taking inspiration solely from her dreams and vast travels to Tibet, Mexico, India, and Morocco. Her subjects are extremely diverse; depictions of theatrical evenings transition into intimate moments of life frozen in time. Most recently, Linda Le Kniff was the official artist of the 2010 Kentucky Derby featuring her works on promotional materials.

linda lekinff kimKim. Linda Le Kiniff. 17.5 x 22.5. Color serigraph, 2000.