About Kymba Nijuck

Kymba Nijuck is an artist working either collaboratively on community-based projects or on independent work. His brightly colored paintings have three-dimensional elements that come off the canvas, with concepts that stem from questions such as “what if we could see each other’s dreams”. He is interested in uncovering the hidden and exploring how art can shape our world.  

Artist Statement

I create collaborative community-based art projects as well as those where I am the sole creator. My work is typically predicated upon a question. What if we could see each other’s dreams? What would a non-gendered, racially-inclusive tarot look like? Can color keep the darkness away? 

Art is an act of resistance Art is a tool by which I seek to empower myself and others. It is also a method to explore my world, it facilitates my search for understanding, and allows me to be an agent of change. My work is often an invitation to explore both my vulnerability and your own.  

Having always been enchanted by the possibilities of transformation and colors, I use art to manifest, speculate and heal. There is magic in a process that brings a thought to fruition as a tangible object, reinforcing the idea that we have the ability to reinvent ourselves, change our narrative and shape our worlds. Art is an ally in my struggles with depression.  

I like to take what is hidden, occult and make it visible. I want to make the unseen other-self known. 


Email: bodyartist@gmail.com

Website: https://robynthompsonart.com/