Testing the So-called BinaryBiography

A retired editor, Krysia Kolodziej has many decades’ experience with and an abiding interest in the expressive possibilities of collage. She lives and works in Priceton, New Jersey. 


Artist’s Statement

Objects can be filled with meaning by us, individually and collectively; are altered by time, and interaction with other elements; and ultimately discarded despite the “weight” of their history and their continued presence materially. For me, objects resonate after the point that others have no further use for them: I find, save, collect, and re-use items, from paper advertisements to defunct electronics, to old currency and postage stamps. (I try to use some items salvaged from my late father’s workbenches in each work.) The elements meld into collage and assemblages, sometimes literally tied together or stitched on, painted around and over, glued, stapled, or adhered to the surface with magnets. The ‘story’ told by the artwork’s physical being is enhanced by the viewer’s own responses to questions the work proposes. The lack of answers, or mystery, that is left is always a good thing.