Kristen Gillespie "In the Sand"

Kristen Gillespie “In the Sand”

The mixed media collages of Kristen L. Gillespie are at once aesthetically intriguing and materially confounding. Kristen often combines materials she finds “anywhere and everywhere,” and uses this eclectic combination of materials to create works that focus on calm subject matter, the sort that aims to provide one with a reprieve from the hectic demands of everyday life. Natural motifs often find their way in to Kristen’s collages, which often help to promote the calming tone of her works. As the artist says, “I like to explore natural objects in my subject matter as well such as bamboo, plants, rocks, and so on. Little details of nature. To me these pieces are about engaging in color, relaxation and thought. They remind one to enjoy and take time for calm thinking, reflection and to take note of what is all around us.” The use of text is also present in a number of he collages, serving as yet another element that both grabs our attention visually and works to communicate meaning about the greater theme of the works themselves.


By Zachary Ritter

“Infinite Layers” New Brunswick Art Salon 2013 Part II Water Color Exhibition




Brookdale Community College 1993-1995

Associate in Arts

Montclair State University 1996-1999

Bachelors of Fine Arts



2012  “100 square inches”, Art Alliance of Monmouth County

2012  “Morning Glory”, Art Alliance of Monmouth County

2011  “26th Annual Jean Townsend Award Exhibition”, Art Alliance of

Monmouth County

2011  “Morning, Noon or Night”, Art Alliance of Monmouth County

2010  “100 square inches”, Art Alliance of Monmouth County

2009  Amateur photography exhibit, Middletown Arts Center

2009  Adult Professional Art series”,Middletown Arts Center, NJ

2008  “Adult Professional art series” Middletown Arts Center, NJ

2007  “ Adult Professional art series”, Middletown Arts Center, NJ

2001  Brookdale Community College Juried Art Show”, Brookdale

Community College, NJ

1999  “B.F.A. Fine Arts Exhibition”, University Gallery, Montclair State

University, NJ

1998, Book arts book show, Gallery 3, Montclair State University, NJ

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