Konstantin Popov’s career as a photographer was born when he began working as a photo reporter for “Moto Mania” magazine. This position was the perfect blend of photography and motorcycling – two of his passions at the time. Through his work at “Moto Mania,” Popov was able to cultivate his interest in the artistic side of photography and develop the voice that defines his personal works to this day.

Popov is eternally in search of the perfect balance between form and color. For this reason, his art interprets reality on a highly detail-oriented level. His photographs find harmony and beauty in the unexpected, documenting coincidental beauty. His hesitance to edit his photographs post-shooting further reinforces Popov’s celebration of transient serendipity.

In contrast to Ralph Waldo Emerson’s insight that the journey outweighs the destination, Popov argues that the artist’s finished work is of greater importance than the techniques used along the way.

Konstantin Popov is highly involved in supporting and promoting aspiring photographers; he is the founder of the “Photo Style” cluster.