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Konstantin Konstantinov“Man – Nature – Society

The future of humanity in the 21 century to a large degree depends on its ability to solve ecological problems and to achieve sustainable development: Man – Nature – Society. Therefore, the development of ecological awareness in every person living on Earth has to be a primary task.

A new and more mature approach to the future of human civilization is needed. The solution to the problems, vitally important to all people and caused because of the reckless use of the achievements of modern civilization, the protection of life on the planet and the achievement of sustainable development are among the basic challenges of the new century.

Humankind have entered a critical period of our history in which we have to make a choice of its future. In order for us to develop further, we need to realize that regardless of the variety of cultural and other forms of life, we are one family and a mutually related global community sharing one destiny. People have to unite and create a new stable global society which is based on respect to nature, universal human rights, economic justice and culture of peace.

Humankind need to unite in order to protect our planet!This is why it is needed that we, the people of Earth, declare our responsibility to each other, to the global society and to future generations.

More about Konstantin A. Konstantinov

Konstanin A. Konstantinov was born and raised in Plovdiv, Bulgaria – an ancient city, one full of Roman ruins, museums, art, and houses of famous locals (click here to learn more about Plovdiv).

His childhood is closely related to the Old City of Plovdiv – An original living museum, an architectural phenomenon with many of the houses of those times’ most prominent Bulgarians turned into museums, galleries hosting various art exhibitions, festivals and biennials, and even tourist dormitories.-


2005 – present  Student at Fine Art, Faculty of Art – University of Veliko Tarnovo “St. St. Kiril and Metodii“, Bulgaria
2004  Private High School of Informatics and Intensive Studies of Foreign Languages “Academician Lyubomir Iliev” – Plovdiv


2008  Traditional National Students’ Exhibition, Red Pony Gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2007  Traditional National Students’ Exhibition, Red Pony Gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2006  Traditional National Students’ Exhibition, Red Pony Gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria


2007  III Prize in category “Art” – Fourth National Competition for Young Artists and Writers “The Sole of a Spring” in memory of George Papazov, Yambol, Bulgaria

Contact Info

23 Mladezhka Street, Plovdiv 4000, Bulgaria
Tel: +35932647699
Tel: +359898545498

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