Artist Statement

I started photography since I was a kid. That time (1995) I have used cameras like Hot shot, Kodak and Yashika. Of course, those were not digital, in fact some of them were without internal flash system and flash had to be external equipment. Those cameras were with film roll with 24 or 36 shots per roll – that many photos now-a-days I click in just few seconds! I wonder how technology has evolved from film camera to digital and the way world is going in nano/pico technology. Being an IT professional I really respect the technology – after all it’s the primary source for my bread and butter 🙂

Albert Einstein once said, ‘Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.’ I am just trying to follow Einstein to understand everything in better way through my photography!

Last few years, I have been capturing nature and recently developed more interest in wildlife photography. Once I started wildlife viewing and photography, I realized another world that lives around us and most of us are just ignorant of it. I really enjoy wildlife viewing and photography. It is really interesting to watch their behavior and emotions – how Goose become aggressive and protective while their babies are around or how blue heron feels jealous and then tries to snatch the fish/food that is preyed by another heron.


Hope you enjoyed my work. Please visit my website to see more work of my photography!