Artist Statement OSL416 2.26M copy

Taking existing unfinished works and new works created for this purpose,I cut the works randomly; resulting in odd sections of the beginning pieces. I arranged the sections, moved them around until I was happy with what was happening visually. Once visually interesting, I taped the piece together and glued it to wood.

The piece was reworked until I felt the piece was resolved. I then built a support to the edge of the work, letting this “frame” be unseen but functional. Some pieces I found myself adding, adjusting or cutting away after glued to wood or even after the frame had been made.

I was anti frame at this point. Even conventional representational pieces I didn’t want to see the frame over the edge of the work. That 1/4 inch was crucial. I decided to let the shape of the arranged sections determine the shape of the piece. I let any edge or paper frame of the cut up piece become part of the new piece, it was no longer an edge.

These pieces are breaking out of the frame, playing with the frame, unframed.