Harbored within every classical portrayal of landscape is an aesthetic dedication to portraying the lush and sprawling details of the world around us. This dedication has certainly not escaped urban planning and development specialist, Julie Zhao who has utilized her foray into the realm of contemporary realism to analyze how space is utilized in various environments. Zhao’s robust love of nature has often led her toward the domain of landscape and natural scenery. She applies the thought processes that she developed whilst studying urban design and architecture seamlessly to her visual art. Zhao’s understanding of space lends a significant degree of insight to her artistic process helping her to adorn her canvasses with meticulously illustrated greenery and sky. Such an approach allows for a tranquil, yet humbling atmosphere to emanate from her paintings which allows her viewers to experience the appreciation Zhao feels for the beauty of the natural world. Zhao envisions a future in which she consistently paints the world around her through an architectural design lens. She hopes to apply the techniques she is learning at Princeton Academy of Art in order to realize her aesthetic vision.

About Julie Zhao

Yuan (Julie) Zhao was born in China in 1970. She went to Southwest University in China, receiving a bachelor’s degree in architecture in 1992, and a master’s degree in engineering, focusing on urban planning and design in 1996. Zhao is currently a registered urban planner, and has completed many different projects in urban design and general planning around various Chinese cities. She has also conducted important research dealing with Chinese urban policy. In addition, Zhao worked at Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School for several years as a research management director, working with teams that dealt with environmental and energy issues.

Currently, Zhao focuses on urban development and urban problems, especially urban environments. In addition to all of this, Zhao is an art enthusiast. She has a strong love for nature and has always been drawn to natural scenery. She now studies at Princeton Academy of Art, under the direction of Anna Neis, classical landscape painting and drawing.

Awards and Honors

  • 2012-2013: Outstanding workers of Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School
  • 2005: “Shenzhen Master Plan review and Countermeasures” special charge, won the first prize of the Ministry of Construction and the National Silver Award
  • 2004: “Shenzhen Urban Planning Standards and Guidelines Review” project leader, won the Outstanding Planning Shenzhen Design Award
  • 2002: “Jiaxing City Development Concept Plan” special charge, won the Shenzhen Excellent Planning and Design Prize
  • 2000: “Shenzhen Master Plan (1996-2010)” the main participants, won the first prize of the Ministry of Construction and the National Gold Award